Wednesday, April 18, 2007


~~~THIS WAS JUST SENT TO ME BY A GREAT MAN>PLEASE READ AND HELP ANYWAY YOU CAN.THANKS =^.^= ~~ Karpetkitten, I don't know if you remember me, but you and I exchanged emails several months ago. I am a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and initially sent you a note of thanks for all you do to honor our military, police, firemen and first responders. Now, however, I need your national podium to honor a fallen hero in Iraq. I never told you, but I am from a small town in Montana. Last week in Iraq, one of our own was killed by an IED. He was loved by all and his story is truely one that needs to be told. His name is PFC Kyle Bohrnsen. He comes from a ranching family and was working on his family's 5000 acre plus ranch in Rock Creek valley near Philipsburg, Montana. At 22 Kyle had a house and a great future as a rancher and serving as a hunting guide in the fall/winter. Last year, however, Kyle decided to join the Army in the Infantry because he thought it was his duty to serve this great country. He did not need college money, adventure, or a job, he just felt he lived in the greatest country in the world and wanted to serve four years before he settled down as a rancher. Personally, I knew Kyle and grew up with his father. Everytime I went back home on leave I would talk to him because he was always hanging around my brother. My brother was like an Uncle to him. I mention this because it was my brother and I who encouraged him to join the Army. His parents have all the rights to be bitter with me and my brother, the Army and even the President. My brother was actually afraid to go visit this week, but when he did he found a family in deep pain, but proud of their son. Their desire is to do everything to honor his name. Instead of running to Cindy Sheehan, Lisa (Kyle's mom) wanted to get a tatoo of a Gold Star flag on her arm. Her only question of my brother (a nine year Army veteran) was if it would be a dishonorable action. Her concern was not to diminish her son's memory. It breaks my heart thinking about the pain she is going through and all she thinks about is not bringing shame to her son. His entire family are Great Americans and I love them all. They gave the unlitmate sacrifice but show nothing but respect for there son's service, the Army and this country. Kyle's sister, a senior in high school, told her dad that she now wants to join the Army to finish what Kyle started. Why do we lift celebrities, politicians and Cindy Sheehan when there are people like the Bohrnsens in this Great Country? At any rate Karpetkitten, I have added a few links to some news articles about Kyles death. I ask if you could write up a little tribute to Kyle in your eloquent style to let this nation know about this shining star and of the Bohrnsen's sacrifice. Also, Geoff (Kyle's dad) is starting a scholarship in Kyles name. Could you please also let everyone who feels it in their heart to give that they can send donations to: Kyle Bohrnsen Scholarship Fund Flint Creek Valley Bank P.O. Box 10 Philipsburg, MT 59858 I know you don't owe me anything and are probably asked by many people to write something about a loved one, but I need you. I need your orator skills and I humbly ask that you lift up these beautiful, great Americans. I also ask that you forward this note to Sean, Mark or anyone else with a national podium who also honors our fallen heros. Kyles funeral is Sunday, 22 April in the Gym of Granite High School. The links are below: God Bless Karpetkitten. You would be doing me a great favor to tell Kyle's story and I appreciate your help with all the fiber of my being. Very Respectively, J. Michael Courtney LTC, USA

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