Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri SCHIAVO STARVES 2 DEATH while Scottie PETERSON eats pancakes!!

Ok, strap in, this ones gona be a bumpy ride!!! I AM SICKENED! We ALL know the sad story of Terri, who is i a vegetative state in Florida.Her husband swore 14 years ago that he would give her the best care for 20 years,along w/ $700,00.00 to do it.Mike Schiavo has dumped Terri in a less than whats needed facility an spent the bulk of Terris money on LAWYERS TO SPEED UP HER DEATH, yes, speed it up, not improve quality or therapy.TO PULL THE PLUG! It is a black eye on AMERICA that while most of the country are fat assed twinkie piehole stuffing couch potatoes, the only thing to do for Terri is to STARVE HER TO DEATH,SLOWLY.Is this the freaking 1500's? STARVE TO DEATH? We are THE FATTEST NATION.We throw out more food than some third world countries consme.STARVE???? Even on Death Row those pigs are getting nurished and medical and care! Isnt that pathetic that LAWYERS fight tooth and nail, some knowing their client is guilty and dirty as hell TO SAVE THE MURDERING BABY/WIFE KILLER or RAPIST?The lawyers will lie, hide,trick,scam,etc just to keep there client ALIVE and FREE. Then there is Terri who lawyers,judges and her err... husband are FIGHTING TOOTH AND NAIL TO KILL! Yes, fighting to KILL HER! How can we as a coutry be so screwy that 24/7 news,radio and pap is filled w/ comments,eds, and stories of this horrific case that Florida let go wayyyy to long.Why didnt they IMMEDIATELY investigate her broken bones, do some detective work?Why didnt my homestates Health Department MAKE SURE Terri was getting proper are and therapy to try to improve her condition from the get go.To just dump her in a dark room,unplugged from life was a death sentence.She needed much physical and mental stimulation early on.Now, who is to say what could have been,the milk is spilled. Her poor worn out family, who doesnt care what she looks like, they reach deep ito Terris soul and see her how she was and how they hope she can be,again...someday.These people are fighting TOOTH and NAIL to SAVE HER.They gave birth to her,and damn it, they should have her.She had a great relationship w/ them and they truely LOVE HER.Many of you say,shes bai dead Kiten.True, but who are we to say to those parents, your daughter doesnt deserve this nurishment and the oxygen she breaths herself.'We are gonna STARVE HER TO DEATH', cause her loving husband knows it was her wishes. I am sure Peterson,OJ and Blake would have the same to say,'She would have wanted it this way'. We are sick, jaded and very confused as to WHO must die and HOW. Give Terri a nice shot and away to sleep in eternity.Dignity,peaceful and humane.But AGAIN..to STARVE someone.Starve the freakin prison community who rapes and murders women and children and see how FAST them lawyers,judges and lawmakers jump in THAT direction. This is just rancid. If America,AMericans,The President, Gov. Bush, lawmakers and judges ALLOW TERRI TO STARVE TO DEATH, I just dont see how the world can respect us for this barbaric behavior.An animal gets better euthenasia than what they are doing to Terri.We fight for the worlds rights and quality of life, yet starving in a bed in Florida lays a human being slowing draining of life.Hard-hearted lawyers and judges are making a career out of this case as many TV Personalities. How can death be DEMANDED when there are signes of hope and her family takes her AS IS!!!?? So what have we become? Cold,brutal,heartless souls who pick and choose who should live or die or eat or starve.Scott Peterson killed 2 people and yet Geragos fought TOOTH and NAIL to save HIM.Though Scott did get Death, he has breakfast,lunch and dinner everyday,5 hours outside and TV. If only Terri had that treatment,maybe death wouldnt be the only option to her husband and his lawyers and the 20 judges.Yes 20 JUDGES! And not one of these people could inforce death by injection??? Why not hang her too, after they STARVE her to DEATH.Soundz alittle Sadamm Hussien dont it? He would starve ya,wouldnt he.Now that I think of it, alot of those dictators and rulers WOULD and DO use STARVATION as a means of torture and death.STRANGE BUT TRUE. On a (very) personal note: Friday after I had dinner I desided that I wouldnt eat any solid foods while Terri suffered til death.I wanted to see what my min and body would go through even though I am a very fit and healthy 30 year old.Its the week of Easter and I have been fasting from Red Meat and donuts since lent started,and thought this last week I would sacrifice in honor of Terri.So I am a bit more screwy (HEY!!), worn out easy and am snappier/cranky. Just liquids.Dont roll your eyes and say, 'Thats lame Kitten'! Sounds like high drama, but I felt like I should do it,in her name,her honor for respect to her. My heart,prayers and love and hope to the Schindler family and all whose lives they and Terri touched.All you who have you own personal battles to fight. How ever this situation turns out, I wish it to be quick and over.Life or Death. But as I started out here, how can lawyers and Judges fight soooooo hard to save a life of a serial killer or baby killer/rapist, gross molesters and pedophiles and yet they are fighting just as hard TO KILL poor TERRI SCHIAVO??????? It's no wonder the world hates us so much, we are pretty sick and confused, the leaders AND the followers.Panties on a Prisoners head for info during war OUTRAGE! But let the girl starve to death....GOD BLESS YOU ALL. And GOD BLESS TERRI and HER FAMILY.Hopefuly one way or another she will be 'Home' soon......... =^.^=


Konservative Jay said...

Amen, babe.

yochanan said...

I Holland they are killing babies wiht birth defects. Not abortions but live babies outside of the womb