Thursday, March 17, 2005


Sex Doll Sparks Bomb Alert at Postoffice Wed Mar 16,10:09 AM ET �Oddly Enough - Reuters BERLIN (Reuters) - A blow-up sex doll sparked a bomb alert in a German post office after it started to vibrate inside a package awaiting delivery, police said Wednesday. �"Workers were unsettled when it began vibrating and made strange noises," a spokesman for police in the eastern city of Chemnitz said. "They were worried the package might be a bomb." Officers brought the sender to the scene and discovered the source of alarm was an electrical device inside a life-size female sex doll. The man told police he had wanted to return the doll because it kept turning itself on at the wrong moment. Order was restored after the sender removed the doll's batteries so the defective product could be returned. =^.^= This could have been the first case of a doll blowing people! =^.^=


yochanan said...

don't send your rubber girl friend throgh the mail also take out the batteries from your boy friend.

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