Friday, March 11, 2005

Wacko Jacko wont Moonwalk outta this one!!

Many of us watched yesterdays MJ was extremely tardy for his child molestation trial.I sat on the edge of my seat (not realy;-)> ) watching to see if the police were gonna take him into custody and cuff him if and when he showed up.Like they would any of us! I know he is fragile and rich, but a cuff and book would have should the judge means buisiness and child molestation is a SERIOUS charge and should be extremely important to him to show up and act right.Not Jackson right, everday people RIGHT. I will play Devils Advocate here. Sure Mike has a bad back, do you know how heavy them damn 11-13 year old boys are to lift?? If he wasnt stopped he very well may have a hernia or pooped some disks in his back for Petes Sake! Some think his back wasnt bad, he was just upset about the reality of his victim/accuser being up in his face about to spill all the beans of what went down in Neverland.He held up to the younger brother (or Plan B as MJ thought) on the witness stand without a meltdown (and I dont mean his face). So was it his back or his coinscience? How about how MJ lookedHe was doing his best bad back acting he could muster.I know bad back, I have flair ups myself because of the Carpet Biz.He was making some quick side movements that are almost impossible for a back sufferer. I watched in disbelief as our Michaels hair was messy!His make up even whiter and flusher! He would never let his image be tarnished to show up in public like this.He even had on pajama bottoms ( anybody see a young boy with the same on!!??? BINGO!) They could have had him fixed up during the long strange drive in.At least the body guards and ubrella stayed true.But he looked like shit.Maybe the walls are closing in on the man who was The King of Pop. Its kinda sad, how can you go from what he was to a person who grooms and molests small children. Jeeze children with cancer.Its a circus and cant say how it will end.But I do know if it comes down to it he cant do real time.I think he would rather be dead than found guilty and do time.Infact in keeping with the minds of pedifiles, they dont even know what they are doing is wrong.It aint CHARMING Michael,its down right freaky, down right Jackson family FREAKY and buck up and put your bleech aftershave down and just ADMIT you are insane and need help.Maybe the mom did pimp the kids for her own benefit, but Jacko has been dangeling carrots to unsuspecting boys and them being there didnt give him the right to do what they say he did.He is into self mutilation with surguries,had a sex scandal payout to a minor b4,dangles his own kid over a balcony,sees himself as a King and above all.... Thats just enuff for most of us to know about to convict.But maybe his lawyer will moonwalk him right outta this mess,stanger things have happened....... this just in..Neverland will now be renamed OK,ALLTHETIMELAND! YYYYEEEAAAAWWWHHHH!!!!! =^.^=


Debbie said...

I think Jackson got the name "Peter Pan" wrong, he acts more like "Pinocchio" lol

Karpet Kitten =^.^= said...

To badd he isnt Pinnochio! At least he would have a nose with all THE LIES!!! YYYEEEAAAAWWWWHHHHH!!!