Wednesday, June 08, 2005


~I wrote this, ran it,the only diff. is I changed my'real name' with Karpet Kitten, but ya'll know its me =^.^= ~ SEX OFFENDERS: Crime deserves harshest punishment Posted: Friday, Apr 29, 2005 - 08:50:13 am PDT It made me sick reading Tom Greene's story on the horrible situation our area has with sex offenders just blocks from schools, unregistered wandering molesters and those out there right now lurking about for their next victim -- like the 23 offenders in the triangle of schools. What's wrong with our country, justice system and lawmakers who allow these monsters to roam our beautiful cities? And it's all over the country! They want to track and identify these sexually deprived animals, and with our tax dollars! Want to know my answer on how to track them at a low cost? A headstone! D.O.A. They usually offend again, so two strikes -- you're really out. They are of no use to our planet, they are NOT candidates for rehabilitation, they are unstoppable. We need harsh, harsh penalties for such harsh, harsh abuse that lasts the victim's lifetime. We can't keep locking them up and letting them out to ruin more lives. I say the death penalty should be enforced strictly. Also in the article, Ms. Seibert said, "I am amazed at the number of young women who answered their doors with a baby in their arms thinking it's safe." I agree. And always tell people not to open their door to an uninvited or unexpected guest (most people call first). The world has changed, and even our beautiful Coeur d'Alene has its share of bad guys and real-life boogeymen to beware of. Don't be a victim. Be alert, lock all your doors -- cars and home. Don't open your door unless you know for sure who it is. And one more pet peeve I have. No disrespect to the Jehovah Witness folks, but they go door to door all day having strangers open the door and home for them. They give a feeling of safety, but it also teaches kids and people to just open the door. I really wish the good people of the Jehovah Witness faith would reconsider this approach. With all the crazy people out there trying to scam, rip off or attack us and our family, it's our job to get the word and pictures out. Remain alert and confident, talk to your kids (especially the latchkey kids) about NEVER opening the door, even when Mom and Dad are home, no matter what the "visitor" claims. Good luck on the petition. It's sick that there are two sex offenders living together by a school. Something really big needs to be changed to protect us women and children. This is America, for Pete's sake. Just remember my personal solution -- a HEADSTONE!!!!!!! KARPET KITTEN NORTH IDAHO =^.^=

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