Thursday, December 29, 2005


~~Hey Kidz! Just when ya think pirates kidnapped me from a cruise ship! Ta-Da! The bitch is back ;-)> I hope your Christmas and Holiday rocked,and for you naughty ones,so ya didnt get much, but we had fun!LOL! � � � As you know of my broken charred heart, I am trying realy hard to keep a stiff one (UPPER LIP,JEEZE!) but the Christmas lights are like hard blowing sand grains in my eyes. Its painful.My niece Natalie was my mini me and I promised myself and her that starting 2006 I shall pull my self together and jump back into the harrassing and commentary on our culture and events.I thank you for hanging in with me, lost about 25 pounds not eating,sleeping just mostly crying my eyes out in my chair watching CMT.(The Kenny Chesney song 'Who You'ld Be Today') is so right on my feelings,its sad.And with all the devestation this world has seen in 2005, I sorta feel guilty for being so consumed with grief.Maybe its all compounded, hell call Dr. Phil....maybe if I kicked his as Id feel better!Hell, just typing it put a smile on my tear stained face.I wanted ya'll my cyber family to realy know whats been happenin'.Its not that I dont love all my kidz, its just that I am sooo bummed and grief stricken, I need a hug and kiss from each and everyone of you ;-)> May 2006 bring all you and yours MUCH, MUCH, MUCH,MUCH.... LOVE,LUCK,JOY,LAUGHS,HAPPINESS,GOOD HEALTH,HUGZ,KISSES and only TEARS BE TEARS OF JOY! � � Thank You all and May God Bless each and everyone of you, even youse REALY REALY NAUGHTY ones (yes, I know who you R!).Spread the love.Help a mlitary family who are missinga loved one during these weeks.Take a kid whose dad or moms in combatand take em sledding or something fun.You will even enjoy it! Just show them families WE CARE AND APPRECIATE their sacrifice.Set an empty setting at your table for those not here,past/present, over seas/fallen.Thats THE LEAST we can do AND PRAY for them and families.While yer at it, say a prayer for me and my sister Mattie. Also, lets not forget the Hurrican survivors who are equaly shaken this season.So enjoy your time off, 2006 is ready to kick the door in and KICK ASS! I feel my juices flowing and thanks for all your kind words and support and friendships.I promise I wont let ya down.Getting ready to post my Mammogram pics and experience and encouragement for some of you ladies and you men who love your ladies! We made it thru Mother Natures Path of Fury, Wacko Jackos (mis) Trial,Britney being a mother!(CPS!!!),A BuggEyed RunA-Way Bride,Death of My Pope,OMG!OMG! Bill O'Rielys fallafel million dollar PHONE BILL,Ben-Jen broke up!,I met Al Franken,Spokanes AntiGay-Gay Mayor RECALLED ,his fave movie BrokeBack Mountain (Also called Homo on The Range,HairyBack Mountain! Blake and Saddam on trial all bitchy and bossy,Tom (I need my meds,REALY) Cruise, and the best of all another TERRIFIC year for my sweet Baby SEAN HANNITY rocking the radio,tv and books and looking so damn good!His crew ROCKS! His NAME SHOULD BE MARIAH,CAUSE HE IS SOOOOO ON FIRE!!!!Same thing for the Great Mark,tv, books,looks hes rockin' it,too! Stay safe,I love and care about ya'll, be good (or at least be good at it) Throw an extra kiss up at midnite on New Years for your Karpet Kitten!CHEERS! KISSES! YYYEEEEEAAAAAAWWWWWHHHHHHH

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