Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Happy Valentines Day to you all and those in your hearts and mindz. May today find you happy content and OUTTA DEAD EYE DICKS FIRING LINE!!! OMG! Anything to get attention you rascally rabbit!Back to your undisclosed bunker and lay of the sippy sip dude! hehe At least when Clinton shot ya in the face all that ya had to do was get a tissue and wash up! May love fall from the sky,like birdshot in the old dudes eye! My love,hugs and sweet kisses to you today and EVERYDAY! While you are on the 'puter anyways pop over to � www.OperationDearAbby.net � � � and send a cyber valentine to our beloved troops away from us now.Send a bunch!!! � Have fun,be safe,spread the love ;-)> � Jesus loves you and so does The Karpet Kitten !!!!!!! � Candy is Dandy,but Liqour is quicker! (Tedward Kennedys limo bumper sticker) YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAWWWWHHHHHHHH!!!

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