Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hungry NY?How out some chimp ass,lungs,rodents?BLUE PLATE special or ROAD KILL SPECIAL??!!

New York cracks down on mystery meats From iguanas to armadillos, state inspectors confiscate illegal exotic fare NEW YORK - When a food safety inspector walked into a market in Queens, he noticed the store had an interesting special posted on its front window: 12 beefy armadillos. In Brooklyn, inspectors found 15 pounds of iguana meat at a West Indian market and 200 pounds of cow lungs for sale at another market. At a West African grocery in Manhattan, the store was selling smoked rodent meat from a refrigerated display case. An inspector quickly seized a couple pounds of it. All of it was headed for the dinner table. All of it was also illegal. Authorities say the discoveries are part of a larger trend in which markets across New York are buying meat and other foods from unregulated sources and selling them to an immigrant population accustomed to more exotic fare. State regulators have responded by stepping up enforcement, confiscating 65 percent more food through September than they did in all of 2005. The seizures also cast a spotlight on the eating habits of this ethnically diverse city, where everything from turtles and fish paste to frogs and duck feet make their way onto people's plates. ~~~~~MAKES YA WANT A SPINISH SALAD,EH? =^.^= ~~~~YYYYYEEEEAAAAAAAWWWWWHHHH

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