Friday, May 15, 2009


Hi ALL! Been off the net for a while,but 'I'M BAAAAACCCCKKKKK!" ! LOL What a piece of work this chick is.Her next facial plastic surgery will have to be gettin' her foot outta her bigg fatt MOUTH! She didnt know,MY ASS!!! Shes been lying thru her vaneered teeth to us AND HERSELF about this 'torture' info.Tonight 4 my birthday I am going to a local HonkeyTonk to ride a mechanical bull!YEE-HAW!! And when I do I shall name it Nancy cause,like a REAL BULL SHE IS FULL OF BULLSHIT! Boy she realy stepped in it this time,and her pointy elbows wont help her out of her self dug HOLE! Sean Hannity THE GREAT VISIONARY, WARNED US.Remember how he warned us years ago to pray we never wake up and hear THE NEW SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE IS NANCY PELOSI! 4 Petes Sake,the Speaker needs to SPEAK THEE TRUTH.And this crap about how horrible water torture ,(which our warriors have gone thru before hitting the battlefield to prtect us and our land and liberty) is not exceptable! UUURRGGHH! Oh, poor terrorists at Gitmo with their over 2,000 calorie a day diet,and all the care the great guards there give these pigs who would mindlessly behead our troops.BOO FREAKIN' HOO! Oh, scary caterpillers!! I think we should punk those pigs and tell them will will give them SWINE FLU! That might freak a few.HA! ;-)> Nancy and her ilk are gonna let them run our country side or put in OUR LOCAL PRISONS! We should hole them all up in one of John Horseface Kerrys homes.THATS TORTURE 2 most of us! LOL And now WAR ON TERROR is like the N word....ssshhhh. BULL! We are at war, 2 wars! Someone throw some water on HER to wake her (and her pals) up, hopefuly the water will melt her to a puddle! Obamas world 'I'M SORRY AMERICA IS EVIL' Tour is nothing but a smack in the face of all American Troops,Vets and their families and all AMERICANS.He should be embarrassed of himself.Him and Joe (The MUTT & THE NUTT) are looking crazy, and it only took about 100 days.Thanks 4 that,JERKS! I love this country,our vets and troops and cant believe AmeriCANTS have taken over and are doing all this insane garbage.I want all of them out,and I been saying that for years.Thats the change we need Mr. President! At least her got a DOG,wow,and its not even an American dog,he even got the Portuguese WATER dog from Ted Kennedy (theres a joke in that kidz!) But thats the least of his stupid choices! So my fellow Americans I am sorry and appologize for him what he is doing to our great land! I love ya all and you are in my prayers.I can ramble off more,but i will save some 4 later ;-) because I am so fuming madd and insulted that I am gonna blow a gasket here, and I should chill out if not only 4 my birthday,but I know Great Americans WONT TAKE THIS CRAP,and send Pukelosi and the other morons away to thier beloved foriegn evil doers on her jumbo jet.Its only a matter of time.Stay tuned! Much love and prayers and KISSESS!!!! YYYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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