Friday, December 31, 2004

2004! YER OUTTA HERE!!! ;-)>

WHEW! What a year 2004 was, I have named it '(insert LOUD announcer voice here) THE YEAR OF THE BOOB! From the beginning with Janets to The Big Boob hiself John Kerry.There were many boobs thru out,many,many! We found out what the BS in CBS stood for, Petersons Death Penalty(finaly),a Gay NJ Governor, The whole election mud slinging process.Media circus with their Hurricane Watches,Anna Nicole,Martha the jailbird,The whole Benifer romance, BILL OREILLY Fahrenheits Hype,Britney...BOOBS.Tits and Twits!YUP! 2004 was a deadly bloody year.My heart and soul go to those who have died and the ones that loved them who are left behind.Its hard for me to wish us all a Happy and Wonderful New Year while standing in the rubble of 2004.Some of us will never be the same.I pray to GOD,yes, we PRAY TO GOD HERE!I pray for each and everyone of you and your loved ones and friends safety and peace in this New Year.It was a bittersweet year for many,unless you were a Red Sox fan and your STILL HIGH! ;-)> but for the most part we held strog and firm. I hope you choose to ditch those lame resolutions and just promise yourself to be better to yourself.Be a better citizen,daughter,son,mother,father,friend,wife,husband,lover.Be a better AMERICAN.I pray 2005 brings us ALL closer together as united NOT divided AMERICANS.I dont want anymore of this anti America-Americans crap! In the words of my sweet grandmother Rose..'Build a bridge sweetie,and GET OVER IT!' I love you all and wish for your personal best while I go thru my day.Since moving out here to Idaho my New Years traditon after midnite kiss and toast is to strip naked (with snow boots and a smile) run thru BACK YARD clanking pots and screaming out the old year and welcoming in the New Year.Then I throw my naked body into the soft new snow and do a snow angel! Not alot of snow even to cover the grass as of yet,might just drop the snow angel part,ahhh....So tonight, dont party too much, and when you raise your toast remember all of us Hannity family/F.O.K.K.ers (Friends of Karpet Kitten) and wish us well! We will do the same for you and yours!It was a great year of being part of our little circle, I enjoy and love your input and emails and compliments(LOL).So 2004 the doors gonna hit ya where the Good Lord split ya...can ya just pah-leeze take Mike Moore,Al Franken,Anna Nicole and a few other loons wit'cha?? Oh Please!?! Jesus had a great ear at the box office, yet got thrown outta school! Dont let it get ya down Big Guy! They did it to me,too!I could go on and on with thanking ou all,praying for our safety and the worlds future,Congratulating Mr. Sean Hannity for the exceptional job he did not only during election but the WHOLE YEAR. He toured like a rock star (he is!), he educated,barnstormed and gave till he couldnt give no more.We should all give a special toast for Sean and Sweet Baby James for their continued sucess and stellar work. Lets try to take a moment of silence tonight for the victims of the years horrible disasters.... Tsunami , hurricanes,earthquakes and bloody WAR.(And some Democrats Piston fans ;-)> ) So in every rose is a thorn,but enjoy the sweet smell and have much love,luck,peace,happiness,sucess,good health,good news and comfort.Know you are special and loved and appreciated! Thanks for putting up with me another Year!Maybe I made your favorite Boob list!As for my favorite BOOB one word,BABY.......... YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAWWWWWWHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I miss the Mean Dean Machine,ok!) One last thing clck this awesome link which speaks from my heart to you and hopefuly will put a smile on your face and chuckle too! LOOK OUT 2005, HERE I COME!!! =^.^=


Konservative Jay said...

May God bless boobs in 2005.

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