Thursday, December 09, 2004


Ok, most of us have seen the press on yesterdays Army vs. Rummy question/answer session.I have bee reporting since the war started that our troops were not readly prepared for such a long hard battle.I started with the fact that most dont even have toilet paper out there.there is so much troops are asking family for that goverment cant or wont supply.Then yesterday,our brave troops sucked back fear,frustration and angst to question why are they not adequetly protected???? My mind quickly spinned to Puff Daddys bullet proof Hummer.Trumps bullet proof limo,helicopter and hair.Any rapper worth their grain of salt owns a bullet proof Hummer or Escalade or Bentley.How is it that our celeb elite gets better protection than the brave kids fighting tooth and nail for not only our freedom and rights, but the worlds?? Why cant our government and the worlds automakers pump out these life saving vehicals for the troops? Why on every other channel is there an auto extreme makeover dumping tens of thousands of dollars into a 1972 Pinto?Or how about the Tuttels who build custom bikes,they can make some hot metal POP!(props to the American Chopper peeps!) Why doesn't MTV's Pimp My Ride do an Army Battalions tank convoy? It would be great promotion for station and a great humanitarian deed.I hope I am not the only person with this idea.I hope some movers and shakers and money makers are already on this situation and scetching the blue prints for a tricked out tank!.Most of the troops out there are MTV generation and probably would love the concept of MTV 'pimpin' their tanks.Nothing tacky like fuzzy dice or ground effects neon night lights.How about just some life saving armour plating,folks?If the lawmakers limos are bullet proofed, damn it,the troops must be as well.Many of you are saying,'Why doesnt the government handle this?'After all the money spent to rebuild that sand box over there and teach and help,you would expect our team to have the most state of the art vehicals to fight with or at least compete with the up and coming rapper.Does it offend you Trump is more protected than our brave troops?Do the leaders,lawmakers and higher-ups think this is exceptable? I dont and I appologize to the troops and their families...I am proud that our troops were able to bring this to light in front of the worlds eyes and ears.But sick that it had to come to the 'worlds eyes and ears' instead of it being taken care of quietly.Maybe that will shame the gov into making this right, I dont know.I hope all of you pray for the troops,that they may be protected.Its not just a life or death thing.Do you realize how many of them or maimed or horribly disfigured for life? Why isnt the media doing MAJOR focus on the injured and maimed soldiers? I am sure its a money deal,right.So does that mean Rumsfelds vehical there wasnt bullet proof? I think NOT.


Konservative Jay said...

Yea if the Hollywood liberals, Eminem included, were so damned concerned about our troops, why isn't there anyone from Hollywood trying to help them out? Do they actually think bitching and complaining will help troops more that body armour?

TomG said...

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