Thursday, February 24, 2005

JUICED or just JUICY ????

Being the sporty spice I am, I couldn't pass the topic of Jose Conseco and his titalating tatletale book, JUICED. No its not another OJ Simpson book, 'Juiced' is about Jose's career,bed hopping,steriod usage,randy nite club action and much disturbing and destructive snitching on former playmates and atheletes.Jose not only blows the doors off his own steriod induced body but he drops names of who he injected with! No Way Jose??Your a rat, a snitch? You dropped the dime on your former band of brothers?Now that you made your millions (and blown them) and had your own career successes (and failures) you deside you are divorsing yourself from the game, (which baseball has been veddy,veddy good) selling your hard earned hardwear on the net and opening the door t your closet of dirrrty little secrets.So you claim you never had sex with Madonna.This is the Bill Clinton line kidz, she lets say... serviced him. Hopped up Jose could have written this book without naming names and causing such drama, esp. on OPENING DAY of SPRING TRAINING!! (that musta sucked!).Hes dropping the bomb! Barry Bonds,Mark McQuire!OMG! They are on 'roids??? Holy shit! I woulda never guessed!!! (insert sarcastic eye roll). DUH!! Like steriod use is unheard of.How many Olympic games are there steriod dramas? Is there any athelete in major leagues that DOESN'T want to enhance their performance? Dont think so. Not with all the money, endorsements,babes and all the benefits that go with the big time ballers!They aint giving that stuff away to Mr. Puny-verse! We want the big hitters,the big men with big bats and know how 2 swing 'em, BABY! Of COURSE these people want to enhance their performances.Ya know, cork the bat a bit.In Hollywood to keep those multi million dollar paychecks coming, they inject botolism into thier faces and get fae boobs and pecs to enhance their performances.At least the Hollyweird crowd aint in toilet stalls with their pants around their knees sticking each other in the butt! (hey, save The George Michael jokes,wise guy!) Baseball has slowly pulled away from us diehard fans over the past few decades.It makes me sad. I also hate to think Bucky Dent, Lee Mazzili or Steve Garvey were once in a stall together gettin' jacked on the juice back in the day!Say it aint so! So all in all the book,a fiery anger fueled bio from a once beloved son of the Great American Past Time,comes off as a bitter bitch has been.He not only pissed his fans off, but the fans of those he outed.And again I will say, no big surprise about these guys been on the juice anyways,Jose.Its just tacky to drag them out,NOW,while they are on the top. So its ONE,TWO,THREE SHOTS YER OUT!!! Good for you Jose, you cleared your conscience (and your bank account) got passed your demons and are looking to gain much respect and money off this book.But you broke the code, man.You coulda come clean, and left the others in the shadows (we can fill in the blanks, just pull out your Giambi,Bonds,McGuire,etc rookie cards and compare to today). In one way its an eye opener to the ones with their heads in the sand and dont know or want to know about the babes, drugs money and cheating that are hand in hand with pro sports from the time the kids are in High School. And I cant blame them for wanting to up their game,its very competitive and ya gotta be exceptional to stand out (or realy realy suck!) so to enhance makes sence. I just PRAY someone back home in Miami 'slips' some steriods to my failed Miami Dolphins team.They SURE NEED SOME PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT for Petes Sake!! YYYYEEEEAAAAAAWWWWHHHHHH! =^.^=

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