Monday, February 07, 2005


Many of you know of my love of sports,my love of football and my DEEP LOYALTY and love 4 the Miami Dolphins! I dont think in my life there wasnt a Super Bowl I didnt watch,even as a little dol-fan I loved it! This years game,even though my beloved Dolphins werent in it (shut up! I know its been a lonnnngg dry spell!) I thought it was a patriotic show from top to bottom! The two teams: EAGLES and PATRIOTS, how much more American can we get kids?! The pre-pregame FOX show brought us ex Presidents Papa Bush and Bill Clinton to the analyst desk with the boys! Clinton looked great, rested,happy,ready for some ball (note:Hillary...NOT THERE!) Papa Bush looked great,too! So nice to see 2 boys from Yale getting along so swell! They looked so comfy and happy! Then comes the top notch pregame music portion! Its that red hott RedNeck Woman Gretchen Wilson singin one of my jamz,and out comes Charlie freaking Daniels! The Devil went down to Georgia blazed from his finger tips (and no Hannity anywhere close to sing along,damn!).Then the Black Eyed Peas followed and they all jelled together on stage, it was cool..UNTIL one of the Peas took Charlies 50 gallon white tetson from his head and placed it on his under Charlies weird glare! OMG! AND the Pea left out Gretchens name.Oh no he did int!Yes, he did.Charlie snached his white stetson back to his head and hopefuly staightened that kid out backstage. The ceremony honoring our beloved Vets fromwars gone by.They looked so awesome.The men and women who kicked some major ass to save ours.They may have looked frail,but there beats the hearts of great Americans.I had to stop and think, 'Kitten,if you were geared up,ready to take the field,this is lighting your ass on fire to win this big show!Look what these awesome folk did, at least I can go out there and play the best damn game POSSIBLE!' ! GOD BLESS all those vets and thier families and those who passed before them.And the FLY OVER! Amazing.My proud American heart was swelling and thumping like Bill Clinton at a Hotters! Man, I WAS PROUD,cried a tear or too for those vets and thinking of the brave souls overseas right now.As we comfortably sit on our nice couches gorging on subs,chicken wings,beer and chips and salsa ( I love the word salsa!) those troops are wishing they were home.That brought me down! I felt guilty,then the show some bases and the troops! YYEEEAAAWWHH!!! All our love and supprt to ya'll! This show was for THEM! An All American Super Bowl! What a mass undertaking it must have been to secure that place! Kudos to the team who pulled that off! What a great job done! I thank them for that! I could go on for hours on how detailed and hard that job must have been.Hey CLINTON and TRAVOLTA were both there,only team America can watch over this game! I just said "If anyone gets hurt, I hope its Michael Douglas" ;-)> Do ya think Clinton asked Mike, 'Hey wheres that hottie wife of yours? hehe'? Watching those hulking ballers with thier hands over heart and tears in their eyes realy was touching.I felt some were gonna give all for the vets and troops and America thanks to this massive wave of patriotism! Yeah!The guys are gonna take the field,hey wait! No way Terrell Owens is gonna START! He is STARTING with that leg? OMG! Well,he stayed and played and did a GREAT JOB! I say he gets MVP, but whatever! The game was great,the commercials had a great patriotic undertown. My FAVORITE COMMERCIAL: The Budweiser 'THANK YOU' to the troops returning at airport! LOVED IT! Cried in my nachos, but LOVED IT!! MY LEAST FAVORITE: (some of you might have guessed!) The one the guy is preparing a romantic meal,and right as the girl comes thru door,the white cat knocks spagetti sauce on floor, and guy winds up w/ cat by scruff of neck and big ass knife in other! You KNEW that would make me yak up a big furball, didnt ya!? The game was good, even though my Fins werent in it, I was enjoying it anyways!Hell, at least Dan Marino will be inducted into the FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME this August in CANTON,OHIO! YYYEEEAAAAAAAWWWWHHHH!!! (My Canton/Ohio peeps give me a call!) Half time show! Oh, its Paul sexed up show here! Wait, Bill Clintons in the house, mabe he bought his sax and some fly girls! Oh Please,Fox! Now they payed Sir Paul 3 million bucks for 12 minutes.He shoulda done it for FREE. I am sorry.What massive exposure and all.That went well even though Bill never came up and blew us away with his madd sax skillz! So all in all I give it a red,white and blue seal of approval.It entertained, it made us feel proud to be Americans,the music was great, all the players and the whole place rocked! T.O. impressed and frightened me.I hope you all took away a little piece of American pride and joy! Hopefully you didnt eat and drink too much and this morning your head is thumping like my little patriotic heart! Look forward to next years game, hopefuly my Fins will make it thru the stretch and return to the Glory Days! Hell, maybe even Clinton would be half time show! What a Super Sunday that would be!YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAWWWHHHHHHHHH! So yeah,yeah,yeah, big fatt congrats to you chowder heads up there, ya got baseball and footballs top prizes!ENJOY!Ooops.. Oh,BUT,wait, ya STILL GOT KENNEDY and KERRY! SNAP,BABY! ;-)> =^.^=

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menting kerry & teddy 'the swimer' kennedy was like a knife to the quick