Friday, April 15, 2005


Would you please help us to inform the many elderly widows and widowers of retired or honorably separated military officers that they are eligible to live at Air Force Village I in San Antonio, Texas? Most believe, incorrectly, that since their military spouse is no longer alive, they are therefore not eligible to live in the Villages. The Villages are three retirement communities in San Antonio whose primary purpose is to care for surviving officer spouses of all branches of the service who need a secure, comfortable and dignified place to live. Further, we have a Fellowship Fund that can help meet the financial needs of widow(ers) of retired Air Force officers who do not have adequate financial resources to cover their living or health-care expenses. Our foundation is proud to say that no otherwise qualified widow or widower is ever turned away due to inability to pay. The identity of the people who receive assistance is kept strictly confidential. Thank you, for helping us get the word to these eligible folks. -- JACK BARBEAU, COL. (RET.), AIR FORCE VILLAGE FOUNDATION ~~~DEAR COL. BARBEAU: I am pleased to help you publicize this worthwhile program. Readers, the Air Force Village Foundation's toll-free number is 800-762-1122 =^.^= Pass on ,its a great thing! =^.^=

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