Sunday, April 24, 2005


Thats a bizarre subject line to grab ya huh???? Well, FYI, it aint OVER! Many like me have been very sick,angry,confused,stressed and furious over our country allowing a mentally incapacitated young woman STARVE 2 DEATH.Not just the un dignified way, but all the little un answered questions I have brought up in many many posts and convos here and on air. I am pleased to tell you there is going to be some sh*t hittin' the fan now.Mark Fuhrman,the great Detective Mind of of our time,the FUHRMANATOR is kickin' in the back door to WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO TERRI the night of her 'heart attack/collapse' and the events which LED UP TO THAT POINT. So much time has passed, so much emotion,politics and slimy laywers and lame judges didnt help her case either, but there is hope that Mark will shake some cages and get some answers.Remember how Fuhrman took the Martha Moxley case 25 years later and solved it? It was almost a miracle to get a Kennedy relative busted for murder after being buried under a pile of lies,deciet and scummy corrupt scammers. Join me in peace of mind that MARK WILL GET ANSWERS 2 SOME IMPORTANT QUESTIONS burning in our hearts and minds.And also that this in justice may NEVER be done to any innocent ill person again. Look 4 Marks book in June! I predict Terris voice WILL be heard and her 'loving' (grabbing vomit bucket) HUSBAND MIKE will have massive 'splainin' 2 do. YYYYEEEAAAAAWWWHHHH!!! JUSTICE 4 TERRI SCHIAVO IS NEAR! =^.^=

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