Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am HATING on THE HATERS! urgh!!

I am sure that I am not alone in this and to snatch Hillary's wordz..... "I am SICK AND TIRED!" I AM sick and tired of whats going on.All of a sudden the Bush Haters have morphed into Troop bashers and I cant stay silent.The Bush Haters have been on the rampage trying to take him out at the knees and brought a whole bunch of pain and confusion for our Armed Forces and thier families.Its sickening that John Kerry trots himself out (and I say, why Barbaro and NOT HIM!) and as always sticks his HOOF INTO HIS MOUTH! The elistist piece of Euro-Trash wannabe cant help himself.He is pissin all over a new breed of war Warriors.Its not euff he dissed his OWN FELLOW BROTHERS,but he has to chip on the brave troops of THIS WAR.Dont get me wrong, he went to battle,and I thank him and respect that.(Even if it was only a few months and he came home with rice in his butt).But he trots into a foreign country and disrespects our President and troops is treason.I cant help but think he does this on purpose.Maybe he is brain damaged, but he has to know that his words are like bombs on our troops.What the world and OUR ENEMIES sees right now are the same antique hippies that protested in the 60's.JIHAD JANE and the same pack of screamers from back then(hairy armpits and all I imagine;-) ).Dont they have a conscience?Doesnt a paid government rep have the scense to shut his fugly-ass piehole and say something POSSITIVE about our Troops that are engaged in thee bloodiest,nastiest battle of all? John Kerry should have learned from his first time around that his rants about how wrong war and the President and the troops are? Now all the ANTI WAR rallys and leading the pack the same handful of Hollywierds High Horsemen.I am SICK and TIRED of them and the other Cindy Sheehanistas.Speaking of Ms. Thang,who is footing the bill for all her appearences?, I am sure.I am a peace loving citizen, but trust me, I dont think a plate of Brownies delived by Susan Serandon will chill the freakin TERRORISTS!!!!! DUH! What did the sit ins and rallys of the 60's do?Realy. What did it accomplish.The draft dodgers FELT LIKE THEY WERE DOING SOMETHING?Probably.Those who dont go to war shall protest it.And WHO is fighting to protect these sceamers 1st ammendent PRIVELDGE? Ironic isnt it? I for one want to thank all you Vets and families of our warriors.I appologize for all the ingrates that are running around the country side dis-respecting you and your loved ones.They are out numbered in the real world.There are millions that suport you and your family,and unfortunately the squeaky wheels get on the news.Every day,I meet a Vet or a family member and they give me encouragement to Support and Respect our Armed Forces, as you should.John Kerry and the pack of misfit,over paid,bloated,kumbayah singing 60's rejects need to go ito the mountains of Afganistan and circle their rainbow painted wagons and deal with those terrorists who want to turn us into dust. I dont think the terrorists want them on their SIDE EITHER! Maybe these actors who are on the front lines of the Anti war rallies are desperate for work,and hope to ignite a carreer that has long since burned out?Too badd for them Love Boat still isnt taping.They get alot of press,and air time that they would NEVER get just (lame) acting. So we shall hold our collective breaths as Kerry and The Insane Clown Possee look like morons and sound like that too. I blame the whole Global Warming thing, on their gass blowing!LOL! And have you noticed how these peace loving jerks are becoming more and more violent? How DARE they spit in faces of vets! I love and honor all of you and hope you know the majority of us feel like this.Keep your heads up and your eyes and ears open.Speak out and speak up in supporting the troops.And do it loud and do it often.I thank you. GOD BLESS US AND GOD BLESS THE TROOPS! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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