Sunday, January 14, 2007


Hi ya'll! I hope the New Year is going well and you are well and your loved ones, too! I am very concerned about our brave heros that have been to war, and are now home (some just 4 now).We focus on the troops kicking ass over there in Satans armpit and sometimes it just falls to the wayside the ones back here in our great country.The lucky ones will just have severe emotional problems of horrific memories and trama.The many thousands that are bodily damaged,mamed for life and living in hell are my two boiling points today.Darryl Worley (Have You Forgotten) has this song and video out now (he played it live on Seans show) is haunting me.The words are so raw and real and wise.I wil post the lyrics below and hope you read each word and take it to heart as if a soldier was whispering this in your ear. How can these heroic Americans who sacrifice life and limb re-adjust to our cushy,almost digustingly materialistic,me-me-me life.Even our animals are obese (FDA just approved a doogie diet pill,no shit, I will speak on that later,urgh!).We right now are obsessed with a Rosie and Trump sissy fight (both are bloated,overpaid,big headed bully blowhards),Britneys naked nah-nah,and lets mention the lawmakers are hurting our warriors with their Bush hating/war hating rants. Then there is Ms.Thang,Cindy Sheehan and her roaming band of idiots who are trottig Cindy out as a rock star,smearing her good sons name,passion and love of our country and his belief he needed to defend it and us.She as eclipsed his memory with her spotlight craving insanity.And do we even KNOW HIS NAME? I dont,she has used his death as her own step ladder to 'fame',and she is probably being used and exploited by the left/war haters/BushHaters for their own bidding.Maybe her grief has numbed her.I feel for her, but she is a disgrace.Then Pukelosi and Kennedy and the other stooges screaming from their high horses how horrible we are for being there, and totaly dissing on a daily basis, the warriors with sand in their eyes,battle worn and the rest that goes with war and being away from all you love and cherish.My heart realy bleeds for the troops there,the VETS home and their families,loved ones and the fallen. I so wish I had the ways and means to visit one of the hospitals and kiss and hug every troop I could!(can you say CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP!? lol). They had to open a new hospital in Texas to mend and tend to the wounded.The numbers are staggering,and thats war kidz.It aint pretty,its nasty and sucks,but its a massive reality right under our noses.We freaking OWE it to them ,the WHOLE country/goverment owes it to these brave,disabled (mentaly and bodily injured GREAT AMERICANS!!) to not only respect,honor,appreciate and love them for their service, but to give them Gold Standard care and then some.And for the loved ones as well. I ran across a couple of websites to help out these HEROS. One is They provide homes for families while the soldiers are being cared for. Another is this is where you can donate your frequent flyer miles to families to get to where their injured family member is for free.We just cant expect the depleted government to do everythiing thats why these two sites ROCK and get and big thumbs up from me ;-)> We all owe ALL of these Warriors,the brave, dead,mamed,ill,or the walking dead HOPE,STRENGTH,HELP,A HAND UP,CARE FOR THEIR FAMILY and THEN SOME! I know how deep my gratitude runs thru me,and I pray you get this fever too.Just think what these troops must think of what America has become.The lawmakers sound like nag haggy old bitties,the borders are still as open as Britneys legs,the anti war movement who are just insane with the lack of support for them,the warped media perseption,and I can go on.I am pissed,yes.But I want to make a difference in these soldiers lives.I hope you do as well.I dont mean to be a downer, but this is hard core.Serious as a heart attack.Our prayers alone are NOT ENUFF.Stay The Course or Cut and Run.Whatever side you are on,you must have compassion and madd support for the Great American Military.Ok, I will retract my claws and let my fur settle down, and wish you a great week and a happy heart and mind. I love you all and thank you for being here.We CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Check out Darryls song lyrics and tell me you dont feel it! ~~~~~ I Just Came Back From A War - Darryl Worley First thing I did when that plane finally landed was kiss the ground; The next thing I did was to go find my friends down at the old hang-out. We drank some beer and talked a lot about old times But when the boos finally hit Billy Joe Grimes He said, "I don't know what it is but you seem different to me." I said, "I just came back from a place where they hated me and everything I stand for; A land where our brothers are dying for others who don't even care any more. If I'm not exactly the same good old boy that you ran around with before, I just came back from a war. The very next morning I took a walk through the neighboorhood. I thought it's been so long since Ive been in a place where everything is good; People laughin' and children were playing, And as I watched them I found myself praying, "Lord, keep them safe here at home in the land of the free" 'Cause I just came back from a place where they hated me and everything I stand for; A land where our brothers are dying for others who don't even care any more. If I'm not the same little freckled-faced boy that grew up in that house next door, I just came back from a war. I hope you cherish this sweet way of life, and I hope you know that it comes with a price. I just came back from a place where they hated me and everything I stand for; A land where our brothers are dying for others who don't even care any more. Chances are I never will be the same, I really don't know any more, I just came back from a war I just came back from a war. You don't know me, you don't know me... I just came back from a war. You don't know me, you don't know me... ~~~~~~~~~TOLD YA! KISSES =^.^= ~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-) GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!

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