Thursday, August 16, 2007


Judge wants to close Dog Chapman case But prosecutors for Mexican state of Jalisco are appealing UPDATE! : 1:32 p.m. PT Aug 2, 2007 PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico - A Mexican judge has ruled to close the criminal case against U.S. bounty hunter and TV reality star Duane “Dog” Chapman, but state prosecutors have appealed the decision, officials said Thursday. In the July 27 ruling, Judge Jose Alberto Montes said the statute of limitations has expired on the case, said Guillermo Diaz, assistant prosecutor for the state of Jalisco, where Puerto Vallarta is located. Chapman was arrested in September by U.S. authorities on a Mexican warrant stemming from his 2003 capture of fugitive convicted rapist and Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster in Puerto Vallarta. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. State prosecutors, however, want to continue pursuing Mexico’s request to have Chapman extradited, Diaz said. The courts are expected to rule on prosecutors’ appeal in coming months. Chapman, who stars in the A&E television Hawaii-based show “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” expressed relief at Montes’ decision during a book signing event Wednesday night. “The weight has been lifted off my chest,” he said. “Viva la Mexico!” ~~Dog is a great American, he cares about women children and the meth epademic in beautiful Hawaii, he deserves our support along w/ his bro Tim,son Leyland for their smackdown on scumbags. I send much strenght,wisdam,prayers and love to him and family.No not many people put their ass on line to get a rapist billionaire off not only Mexoco and America.He f'd up in younger years, but he is 53 and knows we need his hard ass approuch to the Meth problem in Hawaii and that pig serial rapist that drug him to Mexico.They should be happy in Mexico that he wasnt raping Mexican ladies,yet the whole 'BORDER' thing and illegal status made them see red and want to take him down.KITTEN stands Bhind Dog and his bro Tim and son Leyland and knew this was WRONG! Pray w/ me and send wisdom and strenghth that Mexico gets their shit in order to totaly drop this. Luster was raping Mexicans (thanks 2 payoffs 2 Mexicans corrupt gov) and get that scumbag apprehended! LONG LIVE THE DOG AND CREW!!!!!! =^.^=

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