Monday, January 24, 2005


Here is an organization some of you may be interested in.Its a CITIZENS BORDER PATROL PROGRAM.Taking matters into their own hands brave,some say over zealous patriots tired of our borders being as open as a Ted Kennedys Bar! Some say they are too aggresive,I say we need the help and I have recieved MANY emails from retired law and military who wished for a chance like this.How long till those murdering pig terrorists use the same route as the Mexican and other illegals.GET IT ILLEGALS??? Some ones gotta protect our borders B4 more damage is done here.Not to mention that by 2025 the Illegals will over wjelmingly outnumber us.Thats another good point for only American born Presidents. So if you cant oin,maybe you know someone who can help these great people.I want to go down and help out myself(I gets a gun right?? LOL!) Here is the link, pass it along .God Bless and Protect those who serve and protect us! =^.^=

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