Monday, January 17, 2005


Its been a few weeks of constant imagry,converstaions and begging for the devestated people and land due to Mother Natures Path of violent distruction.Today I hear the deathtoll has risen to over 225,000 dead.Not to mention the complete enialation of the undersea world.Reefs and coral and all other forms of life hae been turned into brown broken twigs on swirlin disturbed sea bottom.The surviving sea life seems to swim in what was once their home ,confused and well,homeless too. My heart BLEEDS for the poor poverty striken families whose family was nearly if not totaly DESTROYED.The land and homes can be rebuilt, but the mind F*ck they got will NEVER disapate!! Having had the chance to filter all this over the few weeks I have come to some pretty harsh,maybe INSENSITIVE thoughts on the situation.Having just poured my heart out over the tragic missing,sealife,nature,animals and the poverty striken and dead this might shock you. I AM TSUNAMI RELIEF FUND OVERDOSED!!!!! No am am not a cold hearted bitch (hey!) I am just thinking of all the Marriots and other lavish resorts(many of us would never afford) their on those beaches.The Wealthy business people making tons of money do to textiles, sex industry,resort villages,you know.Well, dont they have INSURANCE???? What about the investers??? Why is it that we The Greatest Country in this whole stinking world has to put aside our own hurricanes,floods,mudslides,avalances,social in-security and the likes?Why does our generous President give up $350,000,000 MILLION bucks and all the while Pappa Bush and Big Billy are pumping us little chumps for a five or ten to top it off?How the hell much do we NEED to give?? Like I said what about the resorts insurance?Whatabout all the rich land owners/investors with their fat wallets from all the years of profit of a shack on a beautiful beach?(and remember I am born and raised on South Floridas beaches where we had yearly danger, so I am not so outta the loop).I just have the feeling some third world countries evil doers will be skimmin' from the top,bottom sideways and all.And once again, the real people,kids and families who are poor and in need will fall thru the cracks.AGAIN! Oh, I aint done ranting yet Baby, just starting the good stuff! ;-)> Lets get into the All Star Celeb TV fundraiser.I almost needed a puke bucket! Does George Clooney answering the phone make ya wanna dump your bank account in his lap?Brad Pitt or Does Sarah Jessica Parker (or SJP to the Hollyweird crowd) does she make you feel so bad and blessed that you should give till it hurts?OK, I know they think diff than us and their reality ist ours.I do think that in thier heart of hearts the were doing something possitive, shaking down the guilt ridden troubled American public for hard earned bucks(even though our tax dollars have been promised,and I dont remember being asked about that one either!).What the HELL does Bill O'Rielly get off,after demonizing the left coast freaks and all that implies,snuggeling up with the Hollywood movers and shakers?Oh, remember he started as a crappy entertainment reporter!!! Still trying to get back in the pack, huh Bill? YUCK! Maybe his kinky phone sex makes him the new Hollyweird 'IT BOY'!(I dont know what 'it' woud be!).So I am watching all these HIGHLY PAID,OVERPAID actors and singers preaching to us to give,give,give.I realize many gave bucks.Not all like Sandra Bulluck pulled a Million out, but I am sure that many broke off a small chunk to make themselves feel better while doing laps in their indoor olympic sized pools ;-)> !!! Just what some of these celebs have paid for out of pocket for sex, drugs,murder and other freaky scandals,(some quietly handeled,and some got the loud big bang O'Rielly bust!) All that sin soaked bucks clearly over rides the amount given to Tsunami victims.Hell Michael Jackson and the Catholic Church payouts alone would rebuild not only OUR POVERTY STRIKEN counties but other third world countries.I am sick and outraged.Who sticks up for our troops that are dead and families,wives,kids,folks and partners?Who will stand up with a telethon for Social InSecurity for us youngin's?? Who but Ollie North and Sean Hannity started a fund for fallen soldiers kids to go to college?(love ya Sean and Ollie!) Who will start a telethon for our maimed,broken and injured for life brave soldiers,for the rest of their lives?Who will start a fund for the many Americans who cant afford meds or decent treatment for cancer,hep,aides and such? Who wil start a fund for poverty striken rural woman and children? Doesnt ANYBODY give a rip about OUR OWN FALLEN? Do any of these countries we run to their aide EVER stepup with condolences and some money? Tell me, cause I dont see it. Do you know that our 350 Million would do for our impoverish,elderly,sick,mental, veterans,and just update our own systems? I LOVE OUR COUNTRY and its big heart of gold.But enuff is enuff.We are broke, broken and unless the government just starts printing money and give out like government chese, we will be a third world country after proppin up and saving and rebuilding every other place more needy than us! Hell, that 99.9% of the world! We are the BIG DOGS. I say, save some scraps for us! So in closing(finaly,that chicks got alot to say, you're thinking aintcha!?) The world would have benn better served by the rich talented good looking entertainers who razz-mattazed the money out of us,if THEY would have collectively pitched in justa chip of their 20 Milion dollar paychecks and platinum record sales bucks and over the top althelic saleries (Kobes cheatin diamond would have rebuilt Shri Lanka alone!!).That would make me proud,not wanna grab the puke bucket! OOOOhhh,OOhhhh, I ALMOST FORGOT one last point of pissiness! How can Indonesia tell our helpers to get out of their country after they deliver much needed $$$, meds and assistance?? What a smack in the face.I can go on and on about that disrespect,and the worlds hatred of us,but ney! My heart goes out to those poor diplaced and dead people and animals for sure, but my money(what little I have will go to our American troops,thier families and the police and firemans funds.I hate to be a hard ass kids(its tight anyways!),but Here is ANOTHER WAKE UP CALL.Dont hit the snooze button.DEMAND these undercover do-gooders and their sappy telethons give more than ther PRECIOUS OVERPAID TIME! Lip service aint paying the bills,but look at the weekly box office totals and just imagine what possitive impact that kind of maoney would do for our people.(A a movie lover and reviewer I am not saying boycott, just think kids).And when you want to give money to a great cause think of the vets, their families,the troops and their families, our dead and sick.God Bless Us all, and may Mother Natures Wrath never cross your path.Love and Kisses as always.Be safe! =^.^=

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