Friday, July 22, 2005

Registered SEX OFFENDER rapes & STABS DAUGHTER & leaves her to die on road in my area!

I KNOW! Whats up in North Idaho w/ all this sex offender crime? I dunna know, just trying to get laws passed and these guys put to death! A feakin bear mildly attacks a kid in Colorado & they kill it.I man kills/rapes a kid and he gets 3 hots and a cot and out early too offend even WORSE! This story is of a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER who got out after 9 years in 1995 after RAPING and IMPREGNATING his WIFES YOUNG SISTER! THEN after ALL THAT SICKNESS this week the MOTHER and SISTER of the young girl he raped and got pregnant, she is so frigging STOOPID that she gives their 12 year old daughter OVER TO THIS PIG for a shopping trip that wound up IN THE WOODS as he RAPED AND STABBED his DAUGHTER and left her on the side of road to DIE! OMG! He was JUST RELEASED 1/30/2004!!!! HELLO! Like a wolf on the hunt.He MUST BE PUT DOWN!It gets worse dont it?The MOTHER IS INSANE,should be brought up on charges and lets pray for this 12 year old who has been UPGRADED to SERIOUS.This kinda sickness must force US TO MAKE CHANGES ...IF THE PEOPLE LEAD,THE LEADERS MUST FOLLOW. PAH-LEEZE READ THIS LINK OF THE STORY and I will update as it unfolds.Also get his picture out.A 10 Million dollar warrant aint enuff.If he can do this too family what could he do to yours?


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