Sunday, July 03, 2005


~~HAPPY FOURTH KIDZ! And Have I gotta a story to make your heart rejoice! Many of you know my home here in North Idaho was rocked on my birthday (May 15,2005) by the discovery of 2 adults and the moms 13 year old son bound,blungunged and brutaly MURDERED,here in Coeur D' Alene ,Idaho (CORE-DUH-LANE) something that is so bizarre in our sleepy lttle resort town.Not only was this family killed in such a nasty way, but to compound the grief, the 2 young kids living their w/ mom, her fiance and big brother Slade were 9 year old Dylan and his sister 8 yr. old Shasta,and they were missing.NOT A CLUE, none of their blood was at scene, so we all held out hope,prayers and held faith these kids were part of a screwy drug deal (parents were into meth) or a vengence plot, due to the violent crime scene.Cops,FBI,Sheriffs,any law agency attacted landfills,tips,family,friends ANYTHING to give a NUGGET of a clue as to 1) WHY and HOW could this happen? 2)WHERE ARE THE KIDS!!?? Fliers,Bilboards,signs in windows and cars and buttos worn by many of us to keep kids faces out there. I felt sick knowing that 1) Thers a killing/kidnapping freak on the loose on our streets (NOT ME!!) 2) Where the F are these KIDS??? I couldnt believe over 7 weeks and NOTHING! Our area was grieving,confused and angry at lack of evidence and answers.WELL, that was UNTIL Friday night 1:45 am yup quarter to 2 in the morning, a 42 year old sinny scraggly man and a small girl entered the local Dennys, just 10 MILES, thats 10 MILES from the home she was kidnapped from and where she lived and her faimly died! This man is a 25 year child molester.A VERY VIOLENT,SICK,TWISTED child moleted.NOT ALLEDGED, BUT CONVICTED!.First as a young teen when he stole guns and raped a neighbor boy,he did about 20 years for that one.He also is guilty of tying up 6 bys and performing sick sex acts on them.He also found a 7 yr. old and 9 yr. old,approuched them w/ a video camera and pulled ones pants down and molested him on video.These are just a few of this onsters KNOWN CRIMES! He ran a website preaching how 'SEX CRIMES SHOULDNT BE PUNISHED!' (The FifthNail) He was fresh outta prison and was in North Dakota when in early May stole plates and a Red new Jeep and headed over here.(Groene home RIGHT OFF HIGHWAY).Just 2 days B4 the killings he posted on his blog about being bad,should he turn himself in,how he has made his mom cry(OMG).This sicko shoulda NEVER walked the streets again, a LEVEL 3,very vilolent past and he is free to wander the country side killing,raping and stealing.I am SOOOOO Pissed at our system, but I will save that for another rant.I want 2 times convicted sex criminals to be PUT TO DEATH.I know (your rolling eyes) I demand tougher laws and harsher punishment to these un curable sickos who just go from one innocent to the next.This man had the balls to take her into a Denny in her own home town,and a waitress and Manager were bright enuff to recognize her and call 911.Our boys in blue (LOVE YA'LL!) rushed the Dennys and poof....GOT HIM! But where is brother Dylan? Shasta mentioned to waitress as she was with her, her brother was at house the stayed at and 'he was in Heaven'.OMG! Did she mean the 13 year old killed w/ mther Brenda and fiance Mark, or was she speaking of little Dylan? Te police fear he worst, that this pig,with a sick obsession w/ boys had his way w/ Dylan and ultimatly killed him in some sick fantasy,all while Shasta was there.Was this pig Joe Duncan working alone, did his violent sickness progress to killing a famiy for these kids or was he a part of the crime,with others involved? He aint talking, but his blog has so much to say, even admissions and promises he will be dead soon ( I am holding myself back from going to the jail and killing him myself,but my family has begged me, they need me!).Its a bitter sweet happening.On one hand Shastas home, shes with her Daddy and the rest of family, but where is Dylan? I am including my localpapers stories, and I ask you to read other storys on page abut the criminal,about the kids and the story,and the blog which he promised to 'encrypt messages of his 'hanywork' so everyone will know'. I cant believe we allow these animals to lve.Again2 strikes YER OUT.HEADSTONE MARKER so we know where your sick ass is ALWAYS and you will NEVER TOUCH another innocent AGAIN. I will take on ANYONE who claims this level of sickness can be cured,fixed WHATEVER! Its CRAP.They need to die,our woman and children are being let down while we stand back w/ mouths open and scratch heads. If you libs want to save them, put a collar on their necks and once outta perimiter the collar BLOWS THIER FREAKING SICK HEAD TO HELL. Yeah, my furs up and my claws out, and I SWEAR TO YOU AND everyone, I will work hard to change how laws and situations like this are punished.I am outraged that our goverment cares more about steroids,Africa,gay marraige rights and so on than a NATIONAL SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY,a DATA BASE and tracking them like they do a frigging Mad Cow, (or a Paris Hilton weekend!) For crying out loud! Ok, hers the link to the CDA Press,and PAH-LEEZE dig in and read about who this guy was going to school,wandering the country,blogging and molesting under everyones nose.So here in Core-Duh-Lane (the news CANT sayit RIGHT!) We are celebrating Shastas INDEPENDENCE DAY and her FREEDOM.Dylan is in our hearts and prayers ( as I hope yours).Shastas been through HELL and back and will need all the prayers and counseling and love available. And I PRAY you join me in getting harsher punishment for sex crimes on children.Esp when MURDER is involved. I will keep ya up on it.You will freak when you read about this level 3 sex offender Joe Duncan III . My love to you all on this day,love and watch your kids people.The ates of Hell have opened and evil is walking about, maybe even YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! =^.^=


yochanan said...


Hang the bastard by his nuts.

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Good idea, Yochanan, but how would you get a noose that tiny?

Happy Independence Day, Kitten.

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A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.
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