Friday, July 15, 2005


I am still very sick and angry as the days go by that this F'in PIG was allowed to roam about and do DOZENS maybe HUNDREDS of sick and horrible acts of sexual molestation and murder. Here is a local paper with2 REALY AWESOME breakdowns of what realy is going on behind the scenes here, and across the country where he rampaged,and funded by rich people.Blackmail?MAYBE. Pray with me the lawmakers get their thumbs outta their butts and focus on OUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN,then the rest of the world. Read on, but its sick but 'The Inlander' local mag runs us thru it in DETAILS. I also have 2 other sites one with him in dress and as his other persona JAZZY JOE (OMG,get my shotgun!) and the other site realy digs into where he has been and deep info you will only get here.Love ya'll and be safe =^.^= PLEASE HELP DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO TO GET LAWS CHANGED,A NATIONAL DATA BASE,AND DEATH PENALTY for these non human oxygen wasters.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I'll even let you borrow my shotgun, if you need it.

Nice blog.

Keep up the good work!

Savage Reyth said...

It's great to see the radio world become more real. I found you through the museum of left wing lunacy:

I will email my senator for ya and our nation's children.

Savage Reyth

PS I wish you would pose with a more complete wardrobe -- us conservatives love more modest women...

Karpet Kitten =^.^= said...

THANKS GUYS! I appreciate your support and time! Savage.. Its a funny thing all the coservative that send me their t-shirts always send only MENS SMALL! ;-)> Once one of you fat cats send me a sweet Armani or Versace suit I would GLADLY pose in it!;-)> But alas, its ust tees and I do appreciate them and ya'll KNOW what a POSER I AM! and being a beach baby,that tee was pretty modest for me.So incase ou all are gonna run to Macys this weekend for me I am a size 6... KISSES & LAUGHS!

TheDevilIsInTheDetails said...

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