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National IMPORTANT POLICE INFO! France names street after a US COP KILLER thats FRENCH!

National Fraternal Order of Police Board Report Of National President Chuck Canterbury Salt Lake City, Utah September 8-9, 2006 The National Fraternal Order of Police has been very active in the period since the March 2006 Board meeting. In an effort to maintain continuity in my reports to the Board, this report will be broken down into four areas: Due to the many activities of my office, this report will highlight the major components of the office of the President. Legislative Administrative Labor Activity Calendar Legislative: The mid term election cycle has begun and many Lodges are involved in the endorsement of candidates for office. During this period, I have answered a number of calls for information on the National's perspective on various candidates. The National Legislative Office can and should be contacted in order to provide you with the voting record on your incumbents and the office can provide you a well prepared questionnaire on the issues of interest to the Fraternal Order of Police. During the period of time since the March Board meeting, the FOP has had a number of achievements on Capitol Hill. I think one of the most significant wins was actually a loss of Cynthia McKinney from the United States House of Representatives. As you know, McKinney struck one of our members while he was performing his duties as a Capitol Police Officer and after a long and protracted presentation to the DC Grand Jury which resulted in a vote against indictment, a campaign was launched by the FOP to assist in helping Candidate Hank Johnson unseat McKinney. I want to thank DC Lodge 1, the Capitol Police Labor Committee, The Dekalb County FOP, the Georgia State Lodge and the National Legislative office for working together to make this a reality. The Local Lodge endorsed Hank Johnson in a Primary, the Georgia State Lodge affirmed their support of Johnson and the National PAC fund made a donation to Mr. Johnson's campaign. The FOP conducted dozens of interviews with local and national media outlets and we were recognized as one of the groups that played a major role in Johnson gaining ground in the original Primary. These efforts where successful and McKinney was defeated in the August 8th run off election. This was a concerted effort and I am proud of the membership for all of their hard work. In May of this year, the National FOP took a strong position of support for a resolution introduced by Pennsylvania Representatives that condemned the actions of St. Denis France naming a street for convicted Cop Killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal. As National President, I traveled to Philadelphia and participated in a protest march at the French Consulate on Bastille Day. Philadelphia Lodge 5 is to be commended for their continued support of the Faulkner Family and to Danny's memory. On May 23rd, the National FOP took a strong stand on the efforts to retry two cop killers in Nebraska and we joined with the Nebraska State Lodge condemning the effort to win a new trial for these convicted offenders. In June of this year, the National worked hard to obtain passage on an amendment that would restrict the implementation of the NSPS system by the Department of Defense. This system will be detrimental to our officers in the DOD system and this bill passed the House and we continue to work to see that this bill passes the Senate and stops this system from having an effect on our members. The FOP scored a major victory when the Senate Passed H.R. 4 the Pension Protection Act of 2006. This bill will eliminate the ten percent early withdraw penalty from a government defined benefit plan for public safety officers who are participating in a DROP plan. Under the previous law, an officer who leaves active service before the age of 55 and opts to receive a lump sum payment under DROP before the age of 59 � is subject to an early withdraw penalty of 10%. The bill also included the HELPS provision which provides a tax benefit to help retired public safety officers afford health insurance by allowing the use on a pre-tax basis of up to $3,000 annually from their pension funds to pay for premiums on health care and long term care insurance. The FOP supported and worked very hard to pass this bill. The FOP also worked hard to restore funds to the budget to Byrne Grants programs and we were successful in assisting to get a $120 million dollar net increase over the FY 2006 budget. The FOP Political Action Committee (PAC) made several donations to key congressional partners but we still need your help in raising funds to make our PAC the force that it should be. Please donate today if you have not and I urge the leadership to continue to work to increase our funding for this vital part of our legislative program. During the months since the past Board meeting, I have traveled to DC on a number of occasions and have had daily contact with the Legislative office and the fruits of our labor have indeed been productive. The National Staff does tremendous work and I hope that you will thank them for their efforts. Administrative: The National Administrative office located at 701 Marriott Drive, Nashville TN, has opened and I am sure that Secretary Yoes will provide a more detailed report but I am proud to say that the building is a vast improvement over our last accommodations and we own this one and it is paid for. The National Board is to be commended for this forward thinking and I want to thank everyone involved for this achievement. I especially want to thank the staff for all of their hard work in making the move. After eleven years in one location, it was a monumental task to pack up and move and the staff did an outstanding job in making this happen. The National Executive Board will be conducting an Employee Compensation Study to ensure that the National pay structure is in line with our peers in the market and we will be working in conjunction with Middle Tennessee State University to complete this project. The National Lodge has also been working on a program to ensure that our employee health insurance program is the best that we can provide and we are working with several companies and accepting bids on health insurance polices. Currently our employees do not contribute to this plan and it is our desire to continue this benefit and we are dedicated to providing the best benefits that we can afford. We have been able to increase the life insurance coverage for our employees for just pennies more a month, we are providing $25,000 coverage and also providing coverage on their spouses and dependant children. This is an added benefit and the National pays the entire cost for our employees. The DC Office location needed some cosmetic repairs and these have been authorized and the work is underway. This building has appreciated to almost five times what we paid for it only 11 years ago and we must make sure that we maintain the facility. Jan Gross must be commended for working hard to keep our costs down and I want to thank her for her hard work in this area. The massive computer project is almost finished and by the time of the Board meeting, it should be up and running. This project has been very tough and has frayed nerves, caused ulcers and strained our staff but it will provide us state of the art software and will benefit our membership. All parties involved are to be commended for this wonderful addition to our arsenal of weapons in the battle to provide better member services. The FOP Disaster Relief fund has again been called to action this time by the floods that plagued the North Eastern States in early summer. The Bloomberg Police Department, Bloomberg PA, suffered substantial damage and many of the officers in that area had damage from the floods. I want to thank Gall's for donating 34 sets of BDU's for the Bloomberg Police Department and I am proud to report that the National was able to provide several officers with $500.00 donations to assist them in this time of need. The effort was coordinated by the State Lodge and our system worked well. We continue to struggle with Trademark issues and I encourage you all to report violations to National Secretary Yoes when you find them so we can protect our name. The National FOP RHS program has seen some growth and we continue to work with ICMA to provide them the ability to assist Lodges in implementing programs to benefit our members. The 457 Program has been slow but we are picking up units and this very important FOP owned program needs your support. A report will be provided during the Board meeting on these programs. National Treasurer Penoza and I continue to work on the FOP Bank and we will report our findings as soon as we can but this is a very complicated issue and we must move with slow but deliberate speed in order to protect our interests. Labor: The National Labor Services Director will provide a detailed report on the activities of this section but in an effort to make sure that the important matters are detailed for your review, I offer the following: We continue to work to make sure that the Teamsters and other groups do not find fertile ground to recruit within the FOP family. We are monitoring and working with the Nashville FOP and we have worked with Little Rock in their successful effort to keep the Teamsters out of Arkansas. We have had successful campaigns against the Teamsters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and South Dakota and these efforts will continue. The National Lodge has had requests from several cities to assist in efforts to decertify their current unions and we are working with them to provide the necessary professional services. During this meeting, the National Labor Committee, pursuant to a motion of this Board, will provide a report on the continuing efforts to expand Labor Services. I urge you each to read this proposal very carefully as it will greatly expand our current program. The committee worked very hard to generate this report and your full attention will be required to make sure that we are moving this organization forward. The Labor Services Section continues to work with the Arizona State Lodge and Lodge 32 in their effort to win the bargaining rights for the Arizona Department of Public Safety. This effort will culminate in an election in November of this year. The National Lodge will again offer the Collective Bargaining seminar in April of 2007 and I have worked with the Education Services Committee to keep the costs in line and to provide the best training we can at a reasonable price. I urge all of the Trustees to make sure that your Lodges are made aware of all National Training opportunities. The Committee will be providing the Blueprint for Success Seminar in Louisville Ky November 9-11, 2006 and I urge you all to get this information out to your locals. On the Federal Sector, I have already reported on my activities working with Capitol Police on the McKinney issue but I did not report on the fact that I traveled to DC and met with many members of this unit to first and foremost let them know that the National FOP was supporting them in their hour of need but to also bring the issue to light. We received a lot of media coverage and the Capitol Police Labor Committee is to be commended for their tireless effort to maintain morale and efficiency at the same time. I recently attended an Arbitration with the Pentagon Police and we are working with the Administration on ways to assist this Labor Committee of DC Lodge. A number of meetings have been accomplished and we will continue to work hard to assist these officers. I have daily contact with the Labor Services Director and we discuss every aspect of this office and I will continue to work to improve on our ability to deliver Labor Services to our members. Activities Calendar: This list is not inclusive because many trips and meetings are held on the same day but it is intended to highlight my calendar activities. MARCH Mar Washington, DC 17-19 Mar Southern States, Louisville, KY 22 Mar Meeting with Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) 30 Mar Spring Board meeting, Nashville, TN (enroute travel) APRIL 1-2 Apr Spring Board meeting, Nashville, TN 7-8 Apr Federal Officers Coalition, Myrtle Beach, SC 11-14 Apr Washington, DC � U.S. Capitol Police 20 Apr FOX & Friends Network news MAY 4-8 May Kansas State Conference 12-16 May National Peace Officers Memorial Service JUNE 2-6 Jun West Virginia State Conference hosted by Beckley, Lodge #89 9-11 Jun Washington, DC Legislative efforts 16-19 Jun Missouri State Conference 22-26 Jun Utah State Conference JULY 6-9 Jul Illinois State Conference hosted by Chicago Lodge #7 14 Jul Philadelphia, PA � march on French Embassy with Lodge #5 20-23 Jul Louisiana State Conference hosted by Baton Rouge Lodge #2 23-25 Jul Ohio State Conference hosted by Dayton Lodge 27 Jul Local lodge meeting � Coastal Carolina Lodge #12 AUGUST 31Jul-3 Aug Pennsylvania State Lodge, Pittsburg, PA 6-8 Aug Washington, DC Meeting with White House Attended Pentagon Police Arbitration 9 Aug Attended Virginia State Conference, Charlottesville,VA 18-20 Aug Mid-Atlantic Survivors Retreat in Wildwood, NJ. ~~~SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE! =^.^= ~~~

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