Monday, September 18, 2006


Everyone is well aware of Rosie O donnels New Alpha Dog stance on her new gig 'The View'.She is highjacking the show and her daily outbursts have costars pulling their hair out.Esp. major Republican co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who is a new mom.Seems Lizzie is wrecked by the hate Bush attacks from Lezzie.Lizzie is holding firm on the Bush stance and General of Lezbollah is on a rampage. Its funny to write Rosie O Donell HATES BUSH! LOL (spank me!) The latest has been her attack of our government in comparisson to the terrorist states. I read into her hate speech thatit wasnt just about collater damage or war. She was hating on our religion and gov. due to their stance on gay marraige,gay adoption gay,gay,gay,,blah,blah... She believes the stance of Bush and Co. are tearing up good gay family life.And that aint her America folks! Much like Ray Nagins 'Chololate City', General of Lezbollah Rosie O wants a Rainbow Universe where all things gay are right on!She so wack remember how 'in love' she was with Tom Cruise? Theres your sign... She is gaying it up so much the show will soon be on Bravo Networks I am sure. She is dominating the show and Barbara Walters might need to bring Martha Stewart in there and craft a 'shive' and shank her fatass! Thats ratings kidz.She realy isnt a great fit for that formula. So,for now, let her rant, she Out and Proud and Loud.And soon fird,I am sure. meow! YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAWWWWHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! PLEASE RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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