Sunday, November 04, 2007

Duane DOG Chapman:In the DogHouse AGAIN!!

As ya'll know i am a RABID DOG fan!I am disgusted by this lasted personal intrusion and betrayal by his pitiful puny son Tucker (rhymes w/.....?) . In The 'horrible' taped personal convo,dog CLEARLY knew what this boy and his skank girlfriend were up 2. She was caught trying to tape them before and was up 2 no good.trying to cash in on Dogs success and great deeds and most of all the FAME and MONEY!! Listen to the whole 5 minute PERSONAL CONVO (and thanks 2 sean hannity 4 playing it and showing the whole story instead of jumping in on the gang bang!) You will hear the story of a man knowing what greedy bastards he was up against.Like Mark Fuhrman,Dog has put so many scumbags off our streets and protect and served us well.Good men who said a badd thing.(Words,not like the blew up a Baptist church).America needz to grow up and stop being bitches to these fringe groups who jump on something like this to get air time,Shame,Shame! When you come from poverty,streetlife and hang w/ friends in low places,we find that if they allow us to speak like this and engage in such convo,its just a word.This bullshit having to say the 'N-word' and 'the F-word' soundz like America is full of kindergardeners.I know that the Dog will get past this and I pray another network (not BET) will pick up his asskicker of a show! If you ever watched an episode you see Dog has love and forgivness and God in his heart as he scraps these drugged out zombies of the beautiful Hawaiian beaches,feeds them,gives em a smoke and concels and prays with and for them.Throw the Dog a frickin BONE! If it was Snoop DOGG saying nigger,to a sweet beat,we just dont flinch.Double standards peeps.Can you imagine what a personal convo Al Sharpton or Jesse J would be like about the white community?I wish someone gets that tape.I wait for that day.Dog is sorry and knows he screwed up.But for A & E to buckle like this over personal calls for the top rated show is horrible.He helped build that network for crying out loud! We should boycot THEM for be such nacy girls and bowing to the lunitic fringe! Can you imagine, he gets off on going to Mexican prison for nabbing a rapist scumbag and his own flesh and blood does him in.This aint the end of the story kids.Like katz,this Dog has 9 lives. =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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