Monday, November 12, 2007


ONE IN FOUR? On this Veterans Day, some news That should make us all ashamed And there's plenty to go around To all those who should be blamed. Though, it's really not, new news The bad way, we treat our Vets In this Land, that they keep Free That's about as low as it gets. We should have NO homeless In this richest Land on Earth But especially not, those who served Like they have outlived, their worth. That's the way some are treated Once, they put away their gun They serve and fight in our Wars Then, cast aside when War is done. Today, we are still at War But many Heroes who just fought Are already living on the street And we don't give it a second thought. Shame on us, America To treat our Vets this way Shame on our so-called leaders Whose folks, aren't those who pay. “Heroes”, when we need them “Homeless”, much too soon A little help, is all they need They're not asking for the Moon. Giving them, what we promised And to fulfill, our obligation For when we don't keep our word It leaves a blight upon our Nation. A Hero is still a Hero Whether in uniform or not And between us and oppression These Heroes are all we've got. Service should be mandatory For each American citizen With no excuses, pay their debt For living in this great Nation. If all the rich and powerful Had to send their young to serve You can bet, most every Vet Would get, all that they deserve. So, when you see those homeless Just know, that one in four Served our Nation Honorably And we owe them so much more. Del “Abe” Jones 10.10.2007 THROWAWAY SOLDIERS With the one hand they seem to give And with the other, take away “We always will support our Troops!” But, they don’t do what they say. They promise all those benefits As you Raise your hand and Swear To Do Your Duty, Serve Your Country Anytime, and Anywhere. You keep your end of the Bargain And Follow Orders to a tee Even lay your Life on the Line So that others might be Free. You don’t ask for a whole lot Just to be treated with Respect Promises kept and Honesty From those People you Protect. But, too often those in Power Will Betray you without Shame Break those Vows they made Like it was only just a Game. It’s called, “Throwaway Soldiers” And the Vets will always lose Because you Play by the Rules While they will Play as they chose. Del “Abe” Jones VETERAN'S DAY, 2007 Another year we've been at War And a record year, of Heroes killed Will our hopes for an end to it Never, ever be fulfilled? The cost has been tremendous And surely, they don't tell us all Worse, loss of life and mind and limb As our Troops, continue to fall. Some, deployed several times More, than we should rightly ask But, they will go and do their Duty To carry out, their given task. Nearly four thousand gave their all Almost thirty thousand hurt Who tried to bring some civility To that far-a-way, ancient, desert. Many folks are against the War And there's some who do protest But one thing most all, agree on Our Military, is the very best. Let's not forget families and loved ones All, who serve our Country, too Who sacrifice and suffer for us With Patriotism, proud and true. Some of them will lose their Heroes And will hurt and cry and grieve And when handed that folded Flag They will say, "I still believe!" Maybe, "Mission accomplished!" One day, will actually be true But, till then, we must support them And tell them, "Thanks, for all you do!" And we must remember all those Who served our Country in the past To make our Nation Free And to make sure it will last. Del "Abe" Jones 11.06.2007 NOVEMBER 11TH There are so many little towns That make up this great nation And the heroes from them Boggle the imagination. Those who answer the call In peace and wartime's strife Who give of themselves So, we can live this life. Some go and fight those wars Some die, some hurt, survive But all that they believe in Is what keeps freedom alive. It is all those little towns And people who live there Who stand and fight for freedom For people, everywhere. Somebodys dad or brother Husband, daughter or son Mother, sister, cousins We all, know someone. Who, when freedom was threatened Here at home, around the world Were determined to insure Freedoms flag remained unfurled. They believe and fight for The things this world needs They might not always win But they will have planted seeds. In time of peace or conflict There is always a price to pay And today, we pay them tribute On this Veterans Day.VETERANS DAY 2002 Well, here we are, once again With Veterans, in heart and mind Still trying to heal, from 9/11 Facing Saddam, and his kind. With a new War, looming And the one that we now fight Our Soldiers and our Nation Willing , to do whats right. Its not something, we want But, something, that we must As long as we, all believe Our cause, is true and just.

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