Friday, September 24, 2004


I know alot of you are like me, just making ends meet while working like a dog! The paycheck seems to not stretch as far as we need it too,while working longer and harder.After taxes and after you buy all your taxed items and pay your bills whats left? Hell, even a free 'Oprah CAR will set your broke ass back $7,000 and change! ;-)>It amazes me that any given weekend a rely crappy movie can generate about 10 Million Bucks from us.When Star Wars DVD was released this Tuesday it pulled in about 10 million on just ONE DAY! Looking at The Richest 500 list made me choke up a huge hairball! There are more BILLIONAIRES then ever! And soon ALL 500 will be Billionaires.313 BILLIONAIRES to be exact.Poor little Terassa Heinnie Kerry came in at a tie for last place.Note to Terrassa.... 'get used to coming in last,sweetie!'.Still at the top of the money heap stands Bill Gates,with his $48 BILLION! #4-8 slots are for WALMART/Walton Family,The Donald at slot 74 with his measly $2.6 BILLION, you would think he could purchase an awesome hair piece instead of that real cotton candy-dead weasel looking hair dont! Oprah with $1.3 Billion is #215.I can go on,but wont.Even this Presidential Campaign has blown out $1 Billion bucks already.Stoopid how the rich guys take OUR MONEY to use while doing all they can to get into the White House. At a time where military bases are shut down, medical to elders and disabled short sheeted,children here going to bed hungry,vets living on the streets,minimum wage is well,minimal and the pay for teachers,police,firefighters,troops and their families and emergency workers are too,too,too low, I hate the waste of good money.Think of all the waste of cash on what they payed too not only produce and slip that fake military document to CBS! The guy who took it from 'the leak' traveled from a Southern Texas live stock show all over Texas to his own Northern Texas ranch B4 distroying the 'original'.Jeeze,the gas alone for what I am sure was a big ole gas guzzeling SUV or Pick Up could pay for a year of Peanut Butter and Jelly for Kerrys sandwiches,AND the cost of the man servant who makes them for King John! ;-)> So yeah, the rich get richer and poor just bitch about it louder.Soon there will be no middle class,just the have and have nots.So who is to blame? Are we focusing on the wrong things? Is there hope our country can take care of ever single American B4 we try to save the rest of the world?Would we be better off with a President whose tax bracket isnt that much different then ours, the working class? I bet if I polled most of the Capital Hill Gang ( yeah, I would LOVE to POLE THEM!) they couldnt tell me the price of gas,milk or bread.We elect these people who just tell us what we NEED to hear and slide into an unrealist world of freebies and benefits! They are limo'd and pampered and coddeled.I am choking up another hairball, I am so worked up just thinking of that fat bastard Ted Kennedys life!I want politicians to work for what police and firefighters work for.They can get the freebies and benefits,but low pay.I believe our system is set for the rich,and too badd,so sad for the working class who are struggeling to keep heads above water.Watch what the tally for movies are this weekend and think of what that kind of bucks can do for us.I am not saying 'Eat The Rich' and I am not jealous having been born a 'poor black child', I just hate the waste! I just am sickened by the waste of tons of money on an election season.It turns the candidates teams into pit bulls doing anything and anybody to have their guy win.I want someone OF THE PEOPLE,BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE! Not some rich snob,who could be Prez of France, with FORBES in the family (Thats what the F stands for,Forbes, not F*cker), castles,islands,mansions and an extremely wealthy wife IN the FORBES 500 List! I bet when Kerry the loses election his outspoken wife tells him to 'SHOVE IT,SCUMBAG!'.......... ~~~~~ Now for the entertainent portion of our show ;)> First check out Kerry truck! ~~~Gather round the campfire kidz its time 4 another sing along! To the tune of 'Johnny-B-Good': � Way up in Massachusetts Near the Kennedy's There was an old estate Overlookin' the seas There stood a fine mansion Built with old money Where lived a rich, young boy Named Johnny Kerry Who never, ever learned To tell the truth so well But he could call to the servants Like he was ringin' a bell Go, go, go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Johnny Kerry Used to carry a movie camera In his gunny sack Filmed all the made-up action They could re-enact Or pose in his uniform So gallantly Four months later He was back in the USA Lyin' to the Congress The story light on facts Got himself a purple heart For a little scratch Go, go, go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Johnny Kerry People passing by Shake their heads and say Oh my, but that Kerry boy Wants to rule the world someday Joan Fonda told him Someday you will be the man And you will be the leader Who can change this land Socialists started coming From miles around To hear his left-wing plans To tear the country down Sayin' someday you're gonna' live In that House of White Yacht rides on the weekends With the Catsup Queen right by your side Go, go, go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Go Johnny go go Johnny Kerry.........wooooooooo

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