Wednesday, September 22, 2004

John Kerrys Media TOUR OF DUTY

Hi everyone! Did you catch Senator Kerry on the shows the past few days? Much like his Nam tour of duty this too is short,sweet,in and out and dodging the enemy.I am not dissing his chioce for shows.I am a HUGE fan of Jon Stewart and Regis and Letterman! But for a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE? He got lobbed softballs and the one question about THIS war Letterman asked Kerry gave a one word answer.NO.He giggled and made cutsie (is that even possible?) faces while trying to snatch a vote or two! Hes a big Badd Ass War Hero! What he cant go face to face with the likes of Sean Hannity?He can take rice in the ass and collect his ribbons,or was it medals (hell, they ARE interchangable!) but he wont or CANT sit down face to horseface with the 'other side' and slam out his policy? Not only would he prove he has 'the set' to stand up and get his issues and point out to the American people, not just Democrats or Bush haters,but to Republicans and Kerry haters.Whats he gonna do, God forbid if this egomaniac(I cant even type it!) wins in November?How will he stand up to our enemies? The terrorists aint gonna run into friggin spider holes if Bush is outed! He has to show he has the 'right stuff' to get in ANYBODYS face and pound his fist and believe what he is saying.I think his choice of show vehicals proves what a girlie man this upper crust bore machine realy is! He goes on Regis and Kelly, and much to Hannity's disgust and millions other viewers, Kelly tells Kerry how handsome he is! Look Kelly Ripa has great taste in men.She loves dark latin men.Hott Latin men,like her husband and Oscar Dey La Hoya are 2 of her faves.I thought Kelly was being the gracious host as always.She thought Harrison Ford should play Kerry and Tom Cruise for John, Jr.More like Mr. Ed or Herman Munster,sweetie.And I wont even start on the pretty boy trial lawyer who wants the # 2 slot!!! Its like when you see a fugly baby for the first time(and I KNOW you have!).You dont go 'Damn, thats one ugly baby, you freaks shoulda NEVER breeded!' Instead you say "What a cute BABY!!'. Thats what Kelly Ripa did in my eyes,she was being respectful to her high profile guest.(A fugly S.O.B.,but a high profile guest non the less!) So whats next for Mr. Kerry a guest spot on 'EveryBody Loves Raymond' ? A roudy game of 'Celebrity Poker'? A special Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich show with 'Emeril' ? I say go for the 'Extreme MakeOver' or 'The Swan' Mr. Kerry! ;-)> You will not win this election by getting face time on softball lobbing talk shows,while laughing and acting like an Average Joe! Take on a hardass commentator with opposing views and answer some TOUGH QUESTIONS.He thinks his below the radar WINE EM, DINE EM GIGALO moves that worked on his rich old bitty wives will work on us average Americans and get him into the White House.THINK AGAIN SNAKE BREATH!This man thinks by slamming Bush and bringing up Nam he will side step the real issues at hand that are on OUR PLATE RIGHT NOW! I say he should at LEAST step up and appologize to Veitnam Vets and their familes for saying what he did and doing what he did when he stepped foot back on this beautiful land all those years ago.He could say he was young,mis-guided.WHATEVER. I know first hand how his toxic,venom spewed words and actions cut deep to the quick to those tormented,brave,scared,menatly damaged troops.Can you even imagine coming home and people,strangers SPITTING IN YOUR FACE after your tour of duty?And this New England Chowder Head is tellng people even HE COMMITED WAR ATTROCITIES.Hello! New Jersey cant have a GAY GOVERNOR, but we should have a President who not only lied about the situation,but then returned after a few minor injuries,likety split and ran his mouth to turn the people on the kids who were fighting that war. I think America doesnt need a leader who commited war crimes, witnessed rapes,etc and run his narrow white ass back home and slam the REAL HEROS.And you thought Oval Office SexCapades and some minor drug abuse was heinious??? I want a leader who isnt afraid of a commentator who will grill him,after all the world is full of 'future enemies' and we need someone of substance and strength who would gladly faceoff with the other side.Having the confidence and wisdom to handle any situation on the fly.Come on Mr. Kerry,reach up your wifes pantsuit and snatch her Big Brass Balls if ya gotta! We are WAITING...................

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