Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Day One! Take off!

Do you remember the 21st of September?? In a world where Britney Spears marrying her backup dancer is big news, what better a time for me, the Karpet Kitten, to start a blog? ;-)> I have folded in to the pressure from ya'll and jumped on the blog wagon! Remember its rantings from a twisted lunitic,but I will try my best! Hey all you who are on the fence about who to vote for, let me speak to ya! Do you realy hate Bush that much that you will vote for this carreer poliician/gigalo who has TAKEN MORE POSSITIONS THAN JENNA JAMISON???? Not only the flip-flopping thingy,but he looks like a candle that was left in the hot tub all nite! He hates America so much he wants to be the President.Jeeze..Thanks Mr.Kerry! You guys know I am 'Sporty Spice' so I will break it down like that.... Why CHANGE QuarterBacks in the 3rd quarter of the SuperBowl when you ARE WINNING? Yes, people are dying and its ugly,but what is this blowhard Senator FROM MASS gonna do for you? Its like he is the WalMart Kennedy.All we can hope for is a grassy knoll in his future.(Just joking) He still hasnt told us who the foriegn leaders he spoke with are.What his 'war attrocites' are.What his 'blueprint' for us is.(Why his face looks so long) Why he wants to rule America despite his lifeong hatred.I aint gonna touch the money part,cause realy,all those people are MEGA-RICH! Bush went from Yale to Ya'll,but let him finish his run,let the rest of the world know we are behind this country and be AMERICANS for Petes Sake(sorry pete!) This contest for the Prez has become as dirrrty as one of my Hannity fantasies and I am frankly bored of it all.I long for the days when a Dean Scream ruled the airwaves, not "Im John Kerry'.BORE-RING! His wife has more fire in her.At least she calls a SCUMBAG a SCUMBAG.He wouldn't say such things in fear of offendeding the SCUM or the BAG ;-)> Anywho, dont use this election to punish or spite the Bush family.Lets get on with it, and on to this War and outta 'Nam! I thank all you who sacrificed for our country weather it be of your own service or someone in your family you had to sacrifice so a bunch of rich girlie men can run around lying,cheating,backstabbin,bickering,mud-slinging and playing the ole shell game on our mindz with their BS! I realy believe that an administartion change at this crucial time in history would have terrible backlash for us and make us wayyyyy more vunerable to the enemy.Lets not find out, ok? Think about it..Is Kerry realy the lesser of the 2 evils? Is he realy what our country needs at this crossing? He aint gettin' my vote.YYYEEEAAAAWWWHHHH!!!!!


stephenfetchet said...

Hello Kitten:
This old "K"anadian ww 2 vet appreciates your work, and I'll be posting from time to time, Have to figure this whole thing out,( blogs ) being a PC Newbie, however much information can be learned from the little people.

I have been fighting the French Fascist scourge that has been taking over Canada, but impossible to fight with the Fascist french media, enabling the French fascists, and how they have taken over the Education system and the activist courts, at all levels it is going to be hard for us to turn Canada back to the freedom we once enjoyed, so I know what you are going through. My Father was from the USA so I feel compelled, as well as my own thoughts to carry on the fight for him and others, so I am watching this US election with great care. Can't allow this maniacal, possessed,egomaniac Jane Kerry near the white house, he should be in jail for what he did after the Nam war, treason in it's highest form in my opinion,
Good luck with your endeavor and God bless you . Stephen Michaud, Parkville BC "K"anada. ww 2 vet, and huge Quoodo"s to the Hannity " brigade "!

J.R. said...

Hey KK,

Not bad for your first endeavor. One way to get your blog read more, is to seperate your story ideas into paragraphs rather than running it all together. (Just a little constructive critisim) ;0)

Good luck with your blog and I will be happy to post here on ocassion.

Check out www.talkshowamerica.blogspot.com for an example.