Thursday, August 03, 2006

The A.C.L.U. SUCKS!!!

Thats how I feel about this group of jerks that always side with the moron minority to stick it to the good guys.As long as one a-hole hates God,the group does its best to ruin it for the rest of us.I just dont know how those lawyers and assosiates sleep at night.My rant today is directly related to the A.C.L.U.'s PROTECTION of 'THE RIGHTS' of antiwar PROTESTERS to invade a dead troops funeral,terrorize a grieving family and friends with screams,bull horns spewing hate,loathe and disecpect for the WAR and PRESIDENT.While crapping on the life and memory of a brave soldiers who gave their all and the sacrifice of loved ones,these lame,terrorists in tie dies, scummy,sleazy,creepy,digusting PIGS gather 300 feet from funeral and bullhorns and their big fat mouths running with verbal diahreah at the funeral members.The have their dumb ass protest signs (which they say Thank God for rockets,their death,WE HATE BUSH etc...).Their verbal abuse deserves an ass whoopin', and I swear, I wish I had the chance to confront these groups of haters and give them a taste of my kick ass skillz.I would cram that bull horn side ways up their lazy butts and beat them with thier own stoopid signs.I am REALY UPSET,kidz.I have been to a few soldier funerals.Not a place for politics.But would the A.C.L.U. (Anti-American Cowardly Losers Union) stick up for you or I if we were to try to run them off such a sacred ceramony.HELL NO! They would hog tie us (the would have to!) and take us away.On Seans show the other day I was driving(more like road raging) along and in disbelief, listening to the to inbred jackholes dance around Seans hard questions and bloviate and even stick up for their heinus(anus) acts.How do they sleep at night knowing a famly who had to kiss their kid good bye for a war they believed in or not,prayed and cared and begged God for their safe return,only to get the horrible news their brave kid was murdered on the battle field by brain washe demented pigs who high jacked thier own religion,and just to kill ALL AMERICANS.And YES,even you mental midgets with your bull horns and protest sign.They want your dumb asses too! With all thats going on in this hate filled crazy world,they and us should bend on our knees in prayer that the war hasnt hit our land.I wonder if the A.C.L.U. would protect thie terrorists rights to their nutty religion and hopes of virgins.On occasion I promote violence and hating.This may be a good one. How would those creeps like it if WE,THE GREAT AMERICANS we are, got thier addresses and gathered at their homes (or 300 feet away) with our obnoxious bull horns and rants and PRO-TROOPS SIGNS and BUSH SIGNS and maybe find some naughty,illegal,tauwdry tidbits of these A.C.L.U. cowards and air thieir dirrty laundry right their.We will dump in THEIR FACES,and hopefully have them feel the pain.Even their kids schools,their jobs (if they have one) soccer games...WHATEVER.I am madd as hell over this digusting display of disrespect and beligerance. I DARE THEM TO COME TO ME, A GROWN,VERY MUCH ALIVE PROUD AMERICAN! 'I'm not willing to make nice, I aint willing to back down'.So come on A.C.L.U. (Anti-American Cowardly LosersUnion) come defend my rights to stick a boot up their asses and spit some Beechnut in them dudes eyes....... YYYEEEEAAAAWWWWHHHHHHH And, yes, I am available to patrol and be your doberman for your sad day honoring a brave fallen human.GOD BLESS THE TROOPS.GOD BLESS THE MILITARY FAMILIES and GOD BLESS YOU VETS!!! KISSES!

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