Thursday, August 10, 2006

How any children and Woman must die B4 we do something?

'You've come a long way baby...' But NOT REALY.Many of you know how obsessed and sickened by the fact that there are over 100,000 unregistered sex offenders roaming our countrysides.You also have heard my feelings that the ONLY WAY TO TRACK A RAPIST or CHILD MOLESTER/MURDERER is with a HEADSTONE.I am appaulded that our great country with so much technology can track an overdue library book,but these scummy nonredeamable,sick unrehabilatable pigs are on the loose, on the prey for your woman and children.Why did it take John Walsh 25 years to kick the Congress in the ass and get some sort of state to state registry going?Is it cause kids have no voice?Woman are second class citizens.Politicians dont give a rip if it cant vote for them.Maybe all the above.The CPS,Judges and Case Workers are not serving us and te victims at all.CRIMINALS get rehab and 3 hots and a cot.Victims get a life (if they are not murdered during act) of msery,confusion,low self esteem,trust issues,mental health problems,some even suicidal.Wheres the justice and help for them? I am sickened that we go to other countries to liberate woman and children and send food,help and doctors,while right here on our beautiful land,there are KNOWN SEX OFFENDERS right under our noses and most people dont even care to find out where the known ones are.On my I have many links for searches of thee animals.Local,national,resourses and ways YOU CAN HELP.I beg you to join me in this fight.Many say,Kitten, they are sick and should be warehoused and studied.BULLSH*T!! These pedophiles and rapists KNOW what they are doing and will just do some time and collaborate with their like.We need to get a big brass pair and FINALY DO SOMETHING HARSH.As harsh as raping a 6 month old, yeah,thats sick,huh? Its going on.How can a piece of crap like John Cooey kidnap a neighbor,rape and bury alive under his traier steps withpriors? He lived unregistered across from the unknowing Lunceford family and Jessicas last days on this earth should be remembered by us all.We must not pity these untamable animals we must show them what it feels like to have the same thing done to them.An eye for an eye. I know I am sounding crazier than usual,but some local things have happened,that just make me want to take matters in my own hands.Whats worse than a baby dying at the hands of a sick stranger? A child dying due to thier OWN PARENTS sickness,neglect and abuse.Yeah,tik of Andrea Yates,no at Club Crazy,instead of death,she gets help.She need to die lke her 5 innocent children that she drowned methodicaly,without remorse.I dont give a damn what she says or her scuzzy lawyers say.After about the 2nd kid,she had to know,hell she had to chase the oldest one down to catch him and KILL HIM.Why must she live,whats the reason.She should at least be made to be unable to have more children.We must bring these parents to the front of the line of execution.It shouldnt even be given a second thought.ANIMALS have more rights when it comes to abuse or killing them than a poor defenseless child.Last week,here in town,the same town where Joseph Duncan is in our jail for killing a family to take 2 kids and rape and murder them.Luckily the girl,Shasta Groene was returned, but she has a ruff road ahead having witnessed what when down over the course of about 2 months last summer.He stalked them with night vision googles,stormed the house,killed the family with a hammer and took Dylan and Shasta to video their abuse and unfortunatly Dylans death.Yeah, he's about 5 miles away from me and everyday I want to personaly make him suffer as he did dozens of kids all across the country while out on 15K bail for sex crimes.SICK! So the latest is a woman whose baby ws born with meth in her system,and takenaway from the pig parents and then given back was killed in a fire at her home at 6:30 am. Seems momma lit a candle next to the baby and some driedflowers while she went behind the house,into a van with a man and when found they were naked in van.The baby was 13 months old,and just 2 days earlier her 'daddy' was arrested for meth AGAIN! Neighbors,cops and fireman are forever scarred at the sight of this bay burned to a crisp and this horrible mother all drugged out,half naked.Neighbors knew of all the late night traffic,the parents fights all the time day and night,and they would babysit the bay while the tweeked out pigs chilled.They watched her at 2 in the morning looking under rocks (for stached meth) and thought babysitting was good enuff to save the kid.If you know of a situation like this PLEASE CALL THE POLICE,you may save a life.I have conncted a link to story,but it lacks alot of the inside I have told ya. As for pedophiles its YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to protect your precious children and family.Do you know who lives on your block? We had 34 in a 3 mile zoe here this winter.REGISTERED even.And in school range.Do you know what your neighbors visiting relatives criminal past is?Make it your business.Use my website to track and make yourself aware so someone in your family isnt the next victim.I bet you have a gut feeling about someone in your life that just isnt right.Dont blow it off.Do your homework,and make it your mission.We need to express to our lawmakers we WILL NOT ALLOW PREDATORS to take another breath once caught.The jails are full?Well get the freaking broom out and clean it out,by means of death.Why mst we be warm and fuzzy to these sick deranged animals that have no reguard for human life.They deserve to be put down like the rabid animals they are.Enuff said.(Sorry this is soooo long, but man I have had it!) Be safe and alert and take care.KISSES =^.^= link:

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louise grage said...

I completely agree with what you're saying. I feel that all of the people that are unable to obey the law of the land should be taken to an unihabited island...given some seeds so they can grown their own food. If they can't survive oh well! Perferrably an island with lots of komoto dragons!