Monday, August 07, 2006

Get an ORAL HIT from the Kitten ;-)>

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I will answer your questions verbaly,or a shout out or I will play the days 'Trashin' the Lines' segment! Life,love,politics,personal or what the HELLS up with Mel Gibson!? Iwill try my best.;-)> drop me an email or post in 'comments' here! KISSES!


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...


Glad your are back online again.... hoping you're summer is a great one!


KAOSKTRL said...

louise grage said...

I am all for better protection for us woomen and for all children. I would most definitely hope for those depraven spurndicks to get the firing squad.

My solution to the problem with those that can't live within the laws, is to ship them to unihabited island with seeds. Tell them to learn how to grow their own food or starve to death. Perferrably an island well supplied with comoto dragons.
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