Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Wow, am I tired! Grandma Kitten flew up from Floria for a week and we spent a few days in stores trying to buy all her personal items that the airport detained.Her BenGay and special color lipstick and her face creams and hair products!Its strange, cause Granny Kitten is a blonde Siamese and all those responsiblefor the terror in our skies and around the world seem to be,well lets just say GRANNY DOESN'T FIT INTO THAT TERRORIST PROFILE.... (yes, I said the "P" word).Those doing all this destruction and havoic are of a specific 'breed'.They all worship the same beliefs, they have similar names and,damn it they all pretty much LOOK ALIKE.I dont think you need tobe a rocket scientist to understand the situation I am playing out here. If all the murdering pigs were NOT so similar we SHOULD impose a ban on ALL TYPES of people.But so far these crazy catz ARE. Lets say that Dells batteries are blowin up, so they RECALL ALL computer batteries.They aint doing that yet, just the 'types' that are BLOWING UP.(yeah, I am pissed!) OMG! So why do they CHOOSE to restrict every damn flyer when I,and maybe you and they KNOW WHO and WHAT 'type' of cat these terrorist are? I dont get it at all. Maybe some bacon-fat security stops with some cartoons of Allah and Richard Simmons to REALY get them twitching. I would rather have us apologize to some good Muslims, then impose EVERY AMERICAN FLYER, like Blondes, disabled Americans,old ladies,etc,than to have this specific group of people who infact hi-jacked their own religion. The airports shouldnt have to be so PC.Profiling this group is easy, so far.They have shown us their faces their beleifs,their names.I have not seen any 6 foot Swedes blowing up sh*t yet in this past 5 years.So,yeah, I maybe SIMPILIFYING things a bit,but why NOT.All the Money,Time and worry when we KNOW who wants us dead.I say select these people from airports and DONT NOT ALLOW THEM TO FLY RIGHT NOW.Sorry, its an imposition to a group of people, but the 'good Muslims' should be pissed at the 'bad Muslims' not US!Why havent the 'good Muslims' stood up against the 'bad Muslims' thru all this? I dont know. I just dont think the people in charge of the airport security want to hurt any bodys feelings by PROFILING a group.So they take the girlie man attitude and mess up EVERYBODIES plans.Dont get me wrong, I realy appreciate the hard work of keeping our skies safe.And thankfully, since 9/11/2001 our skies have been free from Islamic terrorists blowing planes up.Thats a hard task,and they should be thanked for that.But this is crazy. The post is called 'Sheiks on a Plane' to tie into Sam Jacksons new movie 'Snakes on A Plane'.I feel this is the situation we are dealing with.So far, its 'snakes' blowing up planes....not kittens or donkeys,or parakeets or ducks or chickens.It is that simple, cause it is simple.For Petes Sake! PROFILE THE SNAKES!!!!!PROFILE!PROFILE! YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAWWWWWHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Marine said...

Karpet Kitten, you're the best. I've only heard about from Sean Hannity but I'll make you regular reading from now on.

J.R. said...

KK, says it all with her own style and....aahhhemm, well, grace, I guess. Anyway you got the point across KK with a little flair and humor as usual.


Anonymous said...

Hi KK, nice to be reading your great stuff again. When in town drop by and say hello.

Best regards DD2