Friday, December 29, 2006

HANG IN THERE SADDAM! I gotta joke 2 PERK YA UP! ;-)>

The EVIL SATAN greets HELLS newest arrival..SADDAM HUSSIEN! (YYYEEAAAWWHHH!).Satan begins the 'tour' by showing The filthy Dick-Tator Saddam 3 DOORS from which SADDAM MUST CHOOSE where he will spend eternity.Behind the first door....a man HANGING ABOVE A PIT OF FLAMES!Saddam shakes his insane head NO and Satan and Baby Satan (Saddam!) head to the SECOND DOOR.Here, thers a MAN CHAINED to the WALL BEING TORTURED!Again,Baby Satan Saddamm,takes a PASS!They move down to the where there is a room of realy,REALY,REALY old wrinkly nasty homeless criminals (Oh, the stench!) In the corner is an attractive,yet plump, young woman giving a 'Lewinski' to one of the many,many,many men in line. " Hmmmmmm,LOOKS PERFECT TO ME SATAN,I WILL TAKE IT!" says a salivating Saddam! "EXCELLANT,EXCELLANT,EXCELLANT",says Satan,"MONICA,YOUR REPLACEMENT IS HERE!!!". ~~~~~~Hope this made ya chuckle!Saddam deserves all and more, kinda like 'Behead,Acid Bath and Beyond! All he did and he still has that nasty attitude.Good ridence to badd rubbish.Heres to an end of an evil empire (No Ted Kennedy AINT GOING WITH HIM!damn) and pray our troops get home soon! What a wussy, they behead,burn,torture,dismember and other forms of brutal death,and this jackass gets a quicky dump and neck snap!? Like a chicken that he is/was.Maybe some sniper will pop his head like a pinata B4 the noose 'em up.One can dream.They are drawing the excutioners name from people ALL over the world wanting to pull the lever.They shoulda had a competition like Fear Factor or such to get this brass ring! May that persons arm be ready and able who ever the lucky bastard is!Congratulations to you unknown executioner! Hey anybody knows where SEAN HANNITY IS !!??!!?? ;-)> YYYYEEEEEAAAAAAWWWHHHH Bye,Bye,Bye =^.^= ~~ PLEASE RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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