Thursday, December 21, 2006


This is amazing! A brilliant young Marine had a hell of an idea! When his mom asked what t put in his care box he asked 4 SILLY STRING! Now,Now, they aint a havin' string fights ;-)> seems this day glow kiddy toy when srayed in the areas the troops are entering clings on TRIP WIRES that those murdering coward pigs have set to blow our troops up! It glows in the dark and that awesome cause alot of the work is in dark areas and night.SOOOOOO......Lets help this Brave American Hero,his fellow troops and this awesome mom spearheading this attempt to get the troops cases and cases of the neon SILLY STRING! I applaud the marines brilliant idea, the mother sacraficing her son for our freeom and liberties! So PAH-LEEZE even a few cans or if you know or are in retail and can get cases donated THAT WOULD ROCK! Who woulda thunk it that SILLY STRING is a war tool! AMERICAN INGENUITY BABY! so here is the moms email.Contact her,and maybe get some lined up to send her.This is so the very least we can do for our best and brave troops.And it will give the awesome families at home praying for their safety and safe return a bit more of hope! email addy: I THANK YOU and SO DO THE TROOPS and FAMILIES! WE CAN DO THIS KIDZ! =^.^= There is also a link on my PLEASE RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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