Friday, December 08, 2006


Yesterday it was discovered that an 18 year old son stabbed to death multiple times and strangeled his mother to death.He then drug them to the shed area and dumped their lifeless bodies in the front loader.He was in health care,she a local teacher.They were an average family.The also had a daughter at school that day,luckily she is alive. They boy,Bryan was Bi-Polar,had some issues and like most families the stress and drama takes its toll.Many of you are in the midst of teen anger or power issues and just think its a part of growing up.Bryan liked to stay up all night,he loved to wear long black coats.Some of your Columbine radars are jacking, I know.I want to save a soul and hopefuly lives with this message.Bryan was on constantly tellng tales of how he always thinks of death.Morbid,lonely, sad, confused boys writtings.There for the world to read.There are thousands of you with kids on or I urge you,hell, I BEG YOU to go to these sites and in search are type their name or nickname(Like mine is Karpet Kitten) you dont need a password to read their pages.You can also type their friends names in (they usualy link up).I pray you kid is just a normal person and has decent thoughts,hopes and wants.But there is always a 'Bryan' who is BEGGING for you to read it and help him/her.This is a big weapon to save them from themselves.Its not just tats and piercings and black clothes and hair and nails (hey,thats me). Its not like I am asking you to install cameras or go thru personals (unless you find out something).Its not being nosey, its being informed,incharge being the adult.If only Bryans parents read it or someone informed them they may be alive and Bryan get help.Now he will get Life if not death. I BEG YOU TO USE YOUR COMPUTERS FOR THIS VERY IMPORTANT REASON TODAY. The life you save may be your own.I love you.Good Luck. Also GOOGLE their names. PLEASE RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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