Monday, December 25, 2006


Happy Holidays my Beloved ones! May this season have blessed you in many ways, so not discovered yet too. Remember Jesus loves you and so does the Karpet Kitten! Many of you awesome people are cooking, unwrapping gifts,sharing love of family and relatives and I wish I was right there with a huge red white and blue ribbon wrapped gift of my love,prayers and hopes for a Rockin 2007.It seems that Jesus as been lost in the 'Reatailing of Christmas!But NO MATTER WHAT He and His Father loves us, no matter how screwed up we (me!) are! Dont ever forget that gift he gave us.I pray to our Holy 'Prince of Peace' now, more than ever.Peace in your hearts,souls and this world. Not all of us had as great of a year that we had hoped for.You may be in this boat.Divorce,bankruptcy,death,loss of limbs,family problems,poor health,terrible finacial problems,and all the military families who has a special loves one away from home (some again).No matter how lonely,dire,overwheled,insecure,hopeless,unable to pay for what you realy THINK your family wants,personal termoil and other problems.Just remember, how dire Jesus is there for you,the is always help, so am I and many others feel your pain and send our love,prayers and hope and strength.We are all 'family'. � � � � � � � � � � � � � To my Heros,far and here home... I pray the troops a safe day.I pray every nght and day they return home to us and their loved ones.You loved ones are Heros.You swallow your fears,lonelyness,personal demons,tears and take care of the house,family and I pray for yourself.As always I THANK YOU! You are stoic,strong and brave.Very much like our true blue VETERANS,and their families missng the passed heros.As well as my beloved VETERANS who I pray has a blessed day and know how respected,loved,worshipped and prayed for strength to the brave,couragous Americans away from all this Peace and Joy at their tables. Thats why today,as every holiday, I set a place for a troop and ask you to do the same and include their families and fellow vets and thier familes.For you keeping the home fires burning until your loved ones return to you and us proud,thankful Americans! I PRAY FOR THAT DAY to come SOON! You know NONE of us are ALONE! and for our problems, JESUS IS THE BEST MEDICINE! I wish you all nothing but much LOVE,LUCK,HAPPINESS,JOY,GOOD HEALTH,WEALTH,LOVED ONES RETURNED and a ROCKIN NEW YEAR> I TRUELY LOVE YOU ALL AND KNOW YOU KNOW IT! So my loved ones, have a peaceful,restful day,try to do domething for a lonely mlitary famiy.It is a gift to yourself,take it from me. So Merry Christmas and Happy Holdays!!!! AND DONT FORGET JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DOES THE KARPET KITTEN =^.^= � � � And my love,cyber hugz and kisses and a few spanks to you bad kidz!) KISSES,KISSES and KISSES! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! ~~~~~~PLEASE HONOR,RESPECT and be KIND TO EACH OTHER ;-)> ~~~~~~~~~~~

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