Monday, November 01, 2004


Thats quite a chunk of money for Bill O'Reilly to PERSONALY hand out to Ms Mackris! And FOX said,'HEY its all outta your pocket pool playing deep pockets BILLY BOY!' That dirrrty married old perv, hunting down young flesh like a vampire to get his ya-yas off! Hey, no one knows for sure, maybe she brought up falafells and loofahs (neither of which I will EVER touch or buy AGAIN!).I just always felt his over the top bravado/John Wayne style was not an act.He realy does thik he is Gods gift! This whole thing has made me feel yuckky inside ,esp reading ALL 22 PAGES on OMG! I could only imagine the party w/ Mike Moore,Al Franken,Garafalo,Clinton and all the others offended by him,his style or personal attacks.Oh, what a time they must have had reading over and over Bills fantasies and wants, and moans from his self satisfying! UUURRRGGGH!! Just yakked up a MAJOR HAIRBALL! Remember who outraged he was at Clintons trouser tricks in Oval Office? At least Monica wanted Bill! This chick was stalked by the Big O! And it cost him big.Not his career,butHEY>>>Where does he get off (HeHe) saying 'I wil NEVER speak of this again!'?Thats sily, he is in EVERYONES biz and we cant have him talk about his little indiscretions??? Well, Hell! I sure will! I do hope the tapes come out so we can hear his pitty-ness bloviate all over them! YUCK,AGAIN!! And to say his wife evn has a vibrator, and she would killhim if she knew he mentioned it.I hope she beats him with it, or what ever means seems fit for crime! YUCK,AGAIN! Its HARD to even imagine Bill talking like this,esp when he seems so high and mighty and morally right on.The sexed up shower scene he goes deep in,OMG! The Thialand whore who 'blew his mind'(and maybe blew something else?) and told him his 'manhood' was massive.JEEZE, aint that a hookers job to say .Thats the largest one I ever,ever,ever saw,blah,blah,blah, I do you all nite for 5 dallahs'???!! Poor Bill,just knowing Moore and Franken are pissing themselves silly over this, is the worst for him.He is ALL EGO, the BIG O! When I read parts of his novel thats sexy, there are real similarities re: the sex scandal.He wrote of showers and hard nips, Thialand whores,and Carribean getaways.Maybe he was a squirrel just trying to get a nut, and thats what he got a NUTCASE! Not to be too, judgemental, but whom umungst us hasnt had some phone/cyber flirt action?HEY YOU TAKE YOUR HANDS OUTTA YOUR PANTS WHILE I YOU ARE READING THIS!!) =^.^=

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