Wednesday, November 17, 2004


What happened Anna,werent you nutz enuff? We know your billionaire husband died,you fought tooth and nail 4 money due to you for playing with his dried dusty thingy!You were a stipper,model,dystfunctional country slut.But PAH-LEEZE! Like she wasnt pissy and gross enuff as a fat drugged out slob with a love struck gay female assistant and a moron lawyer/dependant drugged out loser!!OMG! She is FREAKING Micheal Jackson crazy now.I have heard ya can take the girl outta the trailer park, but ya cant take the traier park outta the girl,but shes got a few double wides up therre! I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT! TRIM SPA,baby is CRACK! ITS GOTTA BE CRACK! (CALL THE FDA!) And she is taking very HIGH DOSES! Maybe the other meds she is taking is not jivin' w/ the Trim Spa Crack? She is the same age as her idol Marilyn Monroe when MM died,and I hope our Anna gets help B4 its to late,shes done slipped way on down the slope! Herbody looks GREAT, her face alittle weathered,but the best shes looked, but its taken a MASSIVE toll on hr mind! And arent her 'handelers' watching her? You would think all the $$$$$ TRIM SPA is pumping into this campaign and her, they would make sure she doesntalways come out so drugged out!?Watch her Kids Camp Adventure on E! and tell me she aint jacked up on Drugs! Its child abuse, the see thru clothes,skimpy outfits, tantrums and scream fests and crying.Send that crazy bitch to Afghanistan,Usama would run from the mountains in fear of his life, BABY! She a nut case,and a mother,a millionaire and super star celeb.Lord help us! Maybe its acid reflux?Most likely brain damage(oops, ya need a brain) Does she have a massive case of untreatable CRAZYPOX??? Maybe shes sniffing Howard Marsalls ashes mixed with ecstasy! LOL! TRIM SPA,BABY!!!!! YYYYEEEAAAAWWWHHHHHH!!!!!!!! PS. Just a shout out to my hip hop homies! The passing of legend Old Dirty Bastard on Saturday to drugs (DUH!) May I give my deepest condolences to the famly. My prayers and sympathy to THE BASTARDS! Give the Devil Hell ODB,which now standz 4 Old Dead Bastard! WU-TANG 4EVER! =^.^=

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