Thursday, November 25, 2004


Just to say how thankful I am for all of you! You my own family! (Like it or NOT!) ;-)> I pray you are blessed with tons of laughter,love,joy and awesome food! What a terrific year of highs and lows,and many wonderful things to be thankful for (Just not seeing John Kerrys face 4 a few weeks has been GREAT!) I know,thats badd kitten! I am thankful for my many blessings and what I have been able to do for people.Ya know how Sean was doing his Dr. Hannity re: How To Get Along During Holiday Meal? Well, let Nurse Kitty give ya a few personal tips! LOL! Do what I have made a tradition of for years now. Instead of all the family swabbles or political blah,blah,blahs or just Drunk Aunt Edna,whose eye shadow is soooo blue its making you dizzy, or maybe YOU have to sit at kiddie table! Whatever your point of discontent is,SCREW IT! There are people out there that REALY NEED,LOVE and APPRECIATE your hard work, smile on your face and food in your hand and a twikle in your eyes!Thats right! I deliver Meals On Wheels to Seniors,Shut-Ins,Vets,Military famlies and handicapped people.I consider it a tremendous gift TO ME to be able to reach out to these folks.We do it starting at towns Senior Center where all the 'old gals',some vounteers and little ole me, cook,rap,prepareand box up hundreds of hot eals,with milk! to deliver.Then we also make,serve and entertain the locals who can make it into the Senior Center themselves for a great time and so awesome food.Met some great old timer Vets and gave them all hugz and kisses! I actualy gave LOTZ of Hugz and Kisses!Some one took a cute pic of me on Santas lap I will post(once YAHOO fixes itself!) I was so energized and high and felt appreciated,loved and was around strangers, but we were all like family! I just find it more rewarding and my heart swells seeing these wonderful people,and how it makes their day.On the way home I actualy brought a meal to my churches Father Nolan! Got a sweet blessing from him that I didnt expect,but needed ;-)> So my friends,my dear loved ones,my cyber family all my love to you and your families.To those of you with family overseas,like I told many local families here,you are OUR HEROS,and though many,many,many empty seats wre present at your tables due to thier absence, there sure were no empty seats in our hearts for them! Gods love and Blessings to you all, pray for the troops,pray for our leaders,pray for each others health,happiness and abilty to provie for themselves and thier families! I LOVE yA'LL! HAPPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Kisses! =^.^=


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