Thursday, November 04, 2004


Why the long face Senator Kerry? OH! Cause Bush beat you like a rented mule (thanks Dan!) or O'Reillys privates!YYYEEEAAAWWWHHH! Kerry just couldnt ketchup to Bush! Great now Terassa is gonna raise Heinz ketchup to $75 bucks a barrel.Do you think it stings even more that MARION BARRY was once AGAIN re-elected to city council w/ a 95% landslide! Marion Barry?OMG! CRACK IS BACK! Maybe if Kerry thought of that angel,huh?Shoulda hit the pipe,not the ski slopes.CRACK IS BACK! I have to express some sympathy to the Kerry supporters, who thousands right now are driving their Electric Honda Priasa's (or is it Toyota?LOL)into the Pacific damn it! buzzzz...... My thoughts go to poor Mike Moore, Al Franken & Garafalo who went from the out of body happiness level reached from Bill O'Reilly sex talk scandal to the depths of another 4 Years of PRESIDENT BUSH! Too Badd, so sadd.NOT! I bet the IRS is on their asses right now! LOL! I told them and everyone else for Kerry his chances were SLIM & NONE..and NONE HAD JUST LEFT TOWN! And I heard Rosie O'Donnel singing!(the fat lady singing, get it??) But Damn, was THAT THE BEST THE DEMOCRATS COULD SERVE US UP 4 a CHOICE??? I see Obama and Hill in '08 against Rudy and McCain! On a possitive note...Mr. Kerry gave his best speech YET!His CONSESSION SPEECH! His LAST SPEECH,thank GOD! He almost seemed human as he chocked back a tear!(I didnt know robots had emotions, I might have been sweeter!NOT!) He realy was loose and open,and humble.Maybe some ketchup on that big fat slice of humble pie helped it go down!! ;-)> I can only pray this expierience will encourage Kerry to not only GO TO WORK in the SENATE, but kick some ass and do alot of good for all of us he promised the world to!Git 'er done! I want his nose to the grindstone(if not only to improve it!),but to bang out many great things for us Great Americans.He at least owes that to his supporters!And will keep him outta Her Royal Heinz-ness's face! I still say she told him last night 'SHOVE IT SCUMBAG,YOU IDIOT LOSER!'!!!! I wonder what WonderBoy John John Edwards will now do.Will he sue all of us who voted AGAINST him and his Master?At least he is still cute!Maybe he will do some acting.Umm...some MORE ACTING! He and Kerry hated each other as they ran AGAINST each other, then it was a LOVE FEST once Kerry picked John John as VP choice.The man on man love was almost too much.Someone told me once 'Politicians are just actors too ugly for Hollywood!'.I am just soooooo glad all this election is OVER! I am proud of my homestate of FLORIDA not being the DRAMA QUEEN in this election.Kudos and whoever prayed to sacrifice my Miami Dolphins for a smooth election I DAMN YOUR EVIL SOUL FOREVER!!! UURRRGGGHHHH!!! May you find your eternity next to Arafat in Hell! Jeeze, I wonder Arafat ever got my 'Get Worse Soon' Card B4 he died??? YYYYEEEAAAAAWWWWHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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