Tuesday, November 09, 2004


FLAG RULES AND REGS: http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/flagetiq.html ~~~MAIL FOR TROOPS OVERSEAS DEADLINES TO KEEP IN MIND: CHRISTMAS MAIL DEADLINES FOR TROOPS To all overseas military mailing addresses: Parcel Post: Nov. 13. Space-available mail: Nov.27. Parcel airlift mail: Dec. 4. Priority and first-class letters/cards: Dec. 11 (Dec. 6 for APO 093). Express mail military service: Dec. 20 (Not applicable for APO 093) Mailing packages earlier than the above dates may make it possible to use space-available mail or parcel post service that would result in less expensive postage rates. � Those who are mailing packages need to be aware that customs forms are required on all international mail and that shipments should be properly packaged before sending them overseas. Always use strong boxes with plenty of packing material such as newspaper or popcorn. Strapping tape is strongly recommended. Ensure fragile items are packaged tightly and individually wrapped in bubble wrap. Postal services in the U. S. and foreign nations have restrictions on what can be mailed into or out of the country. Generally speaking, anything that would cause harm to other mail, equipment or mail handlers, or anything that is hazardous to an aircraft in-flight is non-mailable. � Customers should check with local military post offices for specific regulations. In general, plants, some food items such as meats, alcohol, hazardous material and flammable goods may not be mailed.

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